5 Things We’re Thankful For Today & We’re Giving Them All Away!

Since it’s Friday and the weekend before Thanksgiving, we’ve teamed up with The Pink Bee, a shop here in our lovely town of Greenville, SC, to do two things… 1. to tell you few fun things we’re thankful for and 2. to give yall an opportunity to win some fun stuff, since we’re thankful for you and we like to make you happy!



Enter to win on INSTAGRAM!!!  It’s easy and fun!!


What are we thankful for today?  Let’s talk about it a little.

1.  COFFEE.  We are so thankful for coffee.  We love coffee.  The world may revolve around coffee.  You know that saying “Today is one of those days that my coffee is going to need a coffee,” well here lately, that feels like every day.  SO…how cute is this adorable Lilly Pulitzer travel coffee mug, covered in gold elephants and backed in navy??  Drinking coffee out of this travel mug would  brighten your day right away…Lilly + Coffee + Elephants + Coffee=love.lilly-coffee-mug

2.  HAVING A PLAN.  We love to check things off our list, to feel accomplished, to feel like we’re making a difference.  This fun Lilly planner is just the thing to keep you on track and on trend.lily-planner

3.  BUNNIES.  We love  fluffy monogrammed Jellycat bunnies, and we love how happy they make you!  It wouldn’t be a proper giveaway with the Pink Bee if we didn’t include a pink monogrammed Jellycat bunny, so…we did.monogrammed-tulip-jellycat

4.  MONOGRAMS.  Monograms aren’t going to bring about world peace by any means, but they do bring about a little beauty and light, and that’s never a bad thing.  Details.  Monograms are about the details, paying attention, adding something a little special.  And this pink monogrammed wristlet is just that-a little something special.
monogrammed-wristlet-pink5.  LOVE.  Last but not least, we’re thankful for love.  We love your support, and we love you, and we wouldn’t be here without you, so there are two things here to remind you of that-a Lilly Lover charm necklace and a Lucy Darling Art Print. lillylover

you-are-lovedWant to enter to win all of these fun items? Head over to Instagram and enter there…it’s easy and fun, and it could all be yours!

Personalized Jellycat Bunny…The Christmas Edition!

The holiday season is upon us, friends, and though I promise that we LOVE Thanksgiving and that it’s one of our favorite holidays, and that we’ll post some photos of pumpkins and turkeys and bunnies dressed like pumpkins and turkeys…we couldn’t WAIT to release these adorable Candy Cane Stripe Jellycat Bunnies!!!!!!


Personalized Jellycat Bunny with aqua thread in Penpal font

These are a special edition release just for the holidays, and we’re crazy about them.  We made this one for our favorite little fashionista, Mayhem, because we knew she’d love it! And who wouldn’t?  It has the same soft and sweet fur as the classic Jellycat bunny, but with the fun fabric striped ear!  We love the aqua thread pictured here, but these would look sooooo sweet in lime or apple green, too!

Though personally I am a totally last-minute type of gal-and believe me, I drive myself crazy-I know there are those of you out there that are likely  leaning back in your chair with a look of self-satisfaction on your face, dusting your hands clean of my situation because you’ve already finished your Christmas shopping.  I envy you people.  I do.

So this early bunny release is for all of you, really…the procrastinators and the early birds, because now is the sweet spot.  Those of you that are always ahead of the game can see this as a bonus, and those of you who wait until the 11th hour can see it as a bonus, too-and you can thank me later when you’re wondering what adorableness should be poking out of your child’s stocking.  Because THIS IS IT.

We’re close enough to Christmas that if you order it, you’ll remember why you did and you’ll be SO HAPPY YOU DID because they’re SO CUTE.  But if you wait, they may be gone.  And that would be no fun.

So run, don’t walk, to Peekawhoo.com to order your personalized Jellycat holiday bunny today…and rest assured that you can check the perfect stocking stuffer off your list!


Personalized Little Giraffe…is love!

When my oldest was born 11 years ago, we received a host of wonderful gifts.  He was the first!  We were young! We needed ALLTHETHINGS!!!!!!

Then we had another one 18 months later, and he received some nice gifts, too.

Then we had another one 2 years later and people are like…you had another baby?

THEN we added this last one to the bunch almost 7 years after the last one and people are all…what?  Huh?  They’re not even thinking of gifts.  They’re thinking of sending over a whistle and a megaphone and some pads to put up on the walls.  And fair enough. 4boys

Back to when our first was born and to the point…my dad’s college roommate and his family sent him a gift made by Little Giraffe- a soft, silky, beautiful blue Little Giraffe satin blanket.  My husband’s best friend gave our son a Little Giraffe lovey-it was soft and plush and just the right size.  I was obsessed with both of these gifts, not only because I had a new baby that was the cutest thing in the whole wide world, but also because he was being showered with special things, and I loved them!  I can still look around their rooms and see vestiges of the gifts they were lovingly given as babies, in particular the handknit blankets from their grandmothers that they still sleep with, the personalized Angel Dear loveys that are still on their beds, and the Little Giraffe blanket and Little Giraffe lovey that the eldest received.

Little Giraffe is luxury-and personalized Little Giraffe is even more so.  It’s the kind of gift you want to give to someone special, and it’s definitely the kind of gift you want to receive.

personalized-little-giraffe-blanket.  little-giraffe-monogrammed-luxe-blanket little-giraffe-monogrammed-pillow little-giraffe-monogrammed little-giraffe-personalized little-giraffe-satin-pillows

Today through Sunday we’re offering 10% off all personalized Little Giraffe products at Peekawhoo with code LG10.  Click here to head on over to check it out and get someone special a sweet personalized gift!

Let’s catch up a bit.

If you’re getting this email, chances are you signed up to follow our blog years ago, back when we were starting out and back when I actually wrote more than bi-annually.

I love to write.  And whenever I go back and read this blog, I’m all “Man I’M FUNNY! I should do this more!” …but a few things have happened since we started this business, and writing this blog keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

What’s happened, you ask?

For starters, we’ve grown.  Hurrah!  That’s largely in part to loyal customers and followers like you.  We launched our new site back in July, and we hope you’re enjoying the new look and functionality of Peekawhoo 2.0.

Various other forms of social media have evolved, too, and suddenly reading a blog seems like you’re backlogged on issues of the New Yorker.  Which is to say it takes a loooooot of time, at least relative to twitter, and Facebook! And Instagram!  And Pinterest!  And Snapchat! And ALLTHESOCIALMEDIA.  We enjoy all of our accounts in these various places as they’re a great way to interact with our people, but they’ve definitely taken time away from the old blog, which in comparison seems like a clunky dinosaur next to all the shiny, quippy, quirky new media.

What else.  We’ve worked with some awesome people, namely AP from I Love you More than Carrots, Angie and Mayhem from Fashion by Mayhem, Jill from Baby Rabies, and Jessica Shyba from Momma’s Gone City, to name a few.  We’ve started a Brand Ambassador program with some great bloggers and customers, we’ve collaborated with some fun businesses like Bannor Toys, and we’ve sold the furry fur out of some Jellycat bunnies.  We’ve eliminated products that yall didn’t really like and started carrying brands you do, like Little Giraffe and Toobydoo and aden & anais.  And of course we kept the classics and favorites, like 3 Marthas, Mint, and Angel Dear.

In other news, we’ve added a couple new members, George and Walker, to the Peekawhoo clan.GeorgeGeorge, Heather’s new Cavalier King Charles
monogrammed-romper-peekawhoo 6monthsWKB


He’s our top model, and if I’m being honest, the primary reason this blog has dropped off a cliff.  Because seriously.  Who wouldn’t you want to sit around and stare at him all day?

In the interest of good business practices and good fun, I’m going to *try* and update the blog on a regular basis, likely with product reviews, new product releases, and general Peekawhoo cuteness.

In the interest of trying to get back on the writing train and to keep my mother and my aunts entertained, I’ve started a new blog called A Capable Woman, which you can find here.

We’d love for you to follow along in both places!

Allright-the baby is chewing on my keys and the dog is barking-time to go start the day.  Hope everyone has a great one and as always, thanks for checking in!

Baby Book: Back to Basics

I’ve spent the last ten years agonizing over how I’m going to make my son’s baby book as fabulous as my first born’s. I only have two children. How hard can this be?


Evan's baby books. Plural

My daughter’s baby book has two parts. Really, it’s two books. 0-6 months in one and 6-12 in the other. I scrapbooked the hell out of her baby book. Total first time, stay-at-home, scrapbook ALLTHETHINGS mom. I loved it. I stressed out over every page I made with love. My dining room looked like a craft store exploded in it. Then our son was born.
I was totally planning to make him the same baby book(s). But like I said, our second child was born. Multitasking with two children took on a new meaning. When he was 6 months old, I decided to start a new business. That’s when all his pictures and keepsakes went in a box to scrapbook later. Later became now. He’s ten and in the fifth grade.
But, this past summer at market, our favorite monthly milestone sticker company, Lucy Darling came up with the solution to all my baby book problems.  A Baby’s Book of Firsts. A memory book made simple. I love simple. At Peekawhoo, we love simple. Especially being a working mom. As a former stay-at-home mom, I wish I had known of such a cute simple baby book too! It’s like Lucy Darling scrapbooked it all for me. All I have to do is literally insert my photos here. Hospital bands here. Foot prints here. It’s ridiculously cute. And simple.
What I’m saying is, if you are a new mom to be, do this now for your first baby. Gift this to your friend who’s going to be a new mom. She will you love you for it. This memory book is fabulous. Or if you’re like me and haven’t done one, do it now for your ten year old. So you’re not agonizing over how his sister has a baby book to look at and he doesn’t. Also, the smile on his face was Ah-dorable when he saw what I was doing for him.  Did I mention I sat down with only his box of pictures/keepsakes, scissors, a glue stick, a pen and washi tape.
There’s a spot for everything. I may be missing a few pics. But only because they’re not in the cloud … They’re on ten year old Kodak film. Yes. Kodak. A time when iPhone’s didn’t exist and I still used a 35mm.
But I did a pretty good job of printing most of his milestones.
And for all the non-milestone pics that I do have that I love… There are blank pages with beautiful graphics to place picture after picture.
I love how his turned out! I love that it took me no time at all to start ten years late. I love that it is available in two versions for boys or girls. So friends, I’m sharing my old- mom wisdom with you… Life is short, make it simple. Whether you’re gifting yourself or a friend, you will love this keepsake!

Launch Day Love…a guest post by AP of I Love You More than Carrots!

Congratulations, Peekawhoo! I’m so ridiculously excited for the launch of Kelley and Heather’s brand new site. I mean, I’m as excited as one can be for the journey and success that has befallen two of my favorite people on the Internet that I have yet to meet in real life. In fact, I’m totally popping a bottle of champagne for you as I type so I apologize in advance for any misspellings that may follow. 
That said, Kelley and Heather have been so much more than just the minds, hearts and hands behind Peekawhoo these last 3 and a half years- they’ve been an integral part of so many of the special moments in not only the lives of my three children but also the lives of many of my girlfriends who found themselves unwrapping a little bit of Peekawhoo to celebrate both the big and little moments in the lives of their children. 

And I know I don’t speak only for myself when I say that! Thanks to the wonders of social media, I’ve been privy to the hundreds of thousands of moments just like the ones described above- moments from all over the world- that have welcomed a little bit of Peekawhoo into their hearts and homes. 
Of all my favorite Peekawhoo moments, and trust me when I say there are many, I’d have to say there’s a tie for ultimate favorite. It’s difficult to top bringing our brand new freshie babe, our third and last little baby, home from the hospital in a sweet and timeless monogrammed gown but what runs a close second is the fever caused by ZOMG, MONOGRAMMED JELLYCAT BUNNIES!!!
You thought the hubub over Amazon Prime Day was crazy? You should have seen the frenzy that first befell Peekawhoo when they unveiled the uber popular monogrammed Jellycat Bunny. I have never seen the Internet in such a tizzy over a stuffed bunny but as soon as we got our hands on one, I understood the attraction, almost enough to warrant ordering one for myself. I settled, however, on being only marginally less crazy and now each of my three boys has one. Plus one extra, just in case. That may or may not sleep in my bed.

One of the new and improved functions of the brand spankin’ new Peekawhoo website is the addition of the Jellycat Bunny button, simplifying the way in which bunnies find their ways into homes all over the world. From baby shower gifts to Easter basket fillers, these bunnies make the perfect gift and have been one of my absolute favorites to give year after year after year. Just look at the expression on my littlest boy’s face: 

What’s more, Peekawhoo is beginning to offer more and more products tailored to the wants and needs of all the special moms in your life so be sure to check back often to see what’s in store. No, really. Do it or else you may have to suffer the wrath of Collins (above). Just look at that face! 


Kelley and Heather, thank you for sharing your gifts, time and talents with us. You are appreciated much more than you know, I’m sure much more than you give yourselves credit for. From homecomings, first birthdays, to beach outings, Easter baskets and beyond, you continually bring smiles to the faces of all who Peekawhoo. Even though this baby bodega is closed for good, you can count on me to spread the Peekawhoo love far and wide for years to come. 


After all, I sleep with a monogrammed bunny. 



Fourth of July *Monogrammed* Fun!

You may have noticed that we’re getting all patriotic-and nautical!-up in here at Peekawhoo lately…monogrammed coolermonogrammed coolermonogrammed tote

You really can’t go wrong with this classic color combination, as is evidenced by these adorable monogrammed anchor coolers, our  fun monogrammed anchor tote, and our super-pragmatic and simultaneously stylish navy chevron department store tote, pictured below.

Monogrammed tote

flap happy sun hat

monogrammed flap happy hat

AND SERIOUSLY…does it get any cuter than these Flap Happy Sun Hats?  We love the red with white polka dots and a blue and white striped ruffle, and especially love Libby’s hat in red with white polka dots!

Wherever you are this Fourth of July week, we hope you’re celebrating (possibly with monogrammed totes and coolers?!) in style, with hot dogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob and apple pie and fireworks and sparklers and picnics and whatever it is about America and americana that you love!

Thanks, as always, for checking in, and have a great week!


It’s Monogrammed Jellycat Bunny Time, People.

Have you ever watched Flight of the Conchords?  Yes?  Then you’ll know…It’s Bunny Time.  If you haven’t watched, then you need to check in on Jemaine and Bret, the clever duo from New Zealand that star in this hilarious show.  You should only watch it, however, after you buy a few bunnies.

If you need a reason to buy a few bunnies, please see below.

One of #3′s chief complaints is that he has to sleep alone…”you get to sleep with daddy, The Eldest gets to sleep with LP, and Elvis(the dog) gets to sleep with Lucy(the other dog)” .  Occasionally when he’s feeling really salty, he’ll mention that all the fish in the fish tank have each other when it’s time for bed.  I’ve noticed recently that he has a congress of stuffed animals around him at night, and we can often hear him in his room chatting away after we’ve tucked him in, most likely complaining that he has no “actual real-life humans” in his room, which is what he said when I reminded him that Lucy often sleeps on his floor.  I started to photo-document the various loveys and stuffed animals that seem to rotate through his embrace at night, and noticed that his monogrammed jellycat bunny is one of the top performers, one of the loveys he must chat with the most.

They’re just so darn cute and fluffy, and now we have the large monogrammed jellycat bunnies in stock, too!Easter baskets, birthday parties, sip-n-sees, baby gifts…these bunnies fit the bill for just about any occasion.  We love them, we have them, and we’re fairly certain you need them!!

Have a great Friday, friends, and thanks as always for checking in!


Lucy Darling Stickers and a Birthday.

It occurs to me as I am adding these adorable Lucy Darling Stickers to our website…lucy darling stickers

…that today is my nephew’s 15th birthday.


As in this little chunky nugget is turning FIFTEEN today. How did it happen, you wonder?  I wonder, too, when this little lump of love went from that, to this.

It’s one of those strange wonders of life and aging when you watch someone transform right in front of your very eyes, when the shift is simultaneously so gradual and yet SOFAST that you look around and wonder now who is that man walking among boys?  Who is that guy that is suddenly taller than all of us that’s walking into my house right now because surely there’s no way that’s my nephew??  Swagger, style, kindness, gentleness, humor…it’s all there, emerging from this kid, in his eyes, his walk, his easy-going manner.  He’s a thinker, a talker, an athlete.  He likes pizza and doritos and Dr. Pepper much more than he likes french and french homework.  He’s the oldest of 4, a big brother, a big cousin.

Because he’s the first-born grandchild and the first nephew, and he has my middle name as his first, he’s perhaps just the tiniest bit loved.  Maybe you all can relate to that, to what it’s like when that first baby comes along and you are all 100% head over heals gaga crazy about him, all fighting for a chance to hold him and rock him and play with him, all angling to be the one to bathe him, change his clothes, tuck him in.  Jay and I were in Italy when he was born, and we bought him a big bottle of grappa, housed in a big, beautiful hand-blown glass container.  We schlepped it all across Europe, ensconced safely in our backpacks amongst wool socks and sweaters, sneaking it through customs on the way back into the States.  Because when you’re 22, a massive bottle of grappa seems to be a perfectly appropriate gift for your first-born nephew.

15 years ago-pre-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  Heck most of us were just setting up email accounts then, getting our Yahoo on, finding our way out of the DOS system.  So for that reason, I have hundreds of actual photos of my nephew-in albums(because I went through a brief phase of being organized), in frames, in boxes.  Now, of course, that’s all changed.  I may have a million photos of #3, but nary a one has been printed.  I wish that these Lucy Darling stickers had been around when mine were all little, because even though I could have made my own signs, I didn’t.  And though I could have taken my own milestone photos, I didn’t.  Things were just too blurry and sleep-deprived, and I needed the kind of accountability that would come from actually investing in something to make me do it, which is why these Lucy Darling Stickers are so genius. And cute, too.

I did, however, used to have photo shoots with my nephew when he was a baby, because I was his first nanny and we were home together all day.  What else to do, then, but change his clothes 5 times a day, prop him up in the corner of the sofa, and take his photo with my 35mm camera?  If only I’d had these milestone stickers then, goodness only knows how many albums my sister-in-law would have now…First Tooth!  First Smile!  First Wave!

I don’t have the stickers(but you can, later today when I finish loading them!), but I do have loads of photos and fond memories and stories and lot of love-and grappa, too, when he’s 21.

Have a great day, friends, and thanks for checking in!


New Year, New You! (Or at the very least…NEW FUN FONTS!!)

So back in October when I updated our Name Fonts, I mentioned that “next week I’ll be updating our Monogram Fonts!”

Next week obviously turned into NEXT YEAR, so…here we are.


It’s safe to say that November and December went by in a blur of Angel Dear Lovies and Jellycat Bunnies and Zutano gowns, mimosas and holiday cookies and fruitcake.  We hope that the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 has been all that you want it to be, and that your resolutions(if you make such things) are ones you can and will keep.  Or not.  After my New Year’s Day brunch, I resolved to eat less cheese, figuring that after January 1 and its egg casseroles and ham and cheese biscuits, I really couldn’t lose.

As for us at Peekawhoo, we resolve to keep bringing you new, high-quality products while still keeping your tried-and-true favorites in stock, and we promise to continue to be here for you for all of your custom adorable monogramming needs.  We also resolve to talk about Justin Timberlake less(maybe?) and discuss high-quality monogramming more.  And speaking of high-quality monograms, we will be rolling out our new Peekawhoo Gift Packages in the next few weeks, and these buying options will no doubt make your gift purchasing faster, funner(has this finally become a word since all 5 year-olds in all of history have used it?), and easy!

One way we’re resolving to stay current and fresh for y’all…NEW MONOGRAM FONTS!!

Without further ado, and as promised back in, ahem, October…

Monogrammed Baby Gifts


Monogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed baby clothesJust as with the name fonts, we have added the “Let Peekawhoo Pick Font” option to all of the monogram drop-downs as well, so if you’re feeling indecisive or not in the mood to think about fonts, we will think about fonts for you, especially as it’s part and parcel of our 2014 resolution!

And while I have your ear…we are currently having a huge sale, featuring some of our favorite items…Magnolia Baby gowns and converters, Mint Snack Squares, and Jellycat Dogs, just to name a few!  Head over there and have a look, and stock up gifts for your gift closet!

Happy New Year friends, and thanks for checking in, as always!


Jack Black on Fonts.

Do ya’ll remember that scene in High Fidelity where Barry, played by Jack Black, basically shuts down a customer because he wholesale thinks the customer’s taste in music is unacceptable?


Barry’s Customer: Hi, Do you have the song “I Just Called to Say I Love You?” It’s for my daughter’s birthday.

Barry: Yea we have it.

Barry’s Customer: Great, great.  Can I have it?

Barry: No, no, you can’t.

Barry’s Customer: Why not?

Barry: Well, it’s sentimental tacky crap.  Do we look like the kind of store that sells “I Just Called to Say I Love You?”  Go to the mall.


We just added new Name Fonts to our font page (YAY! HOORAH!) and you may notice that on some of our items, not all fonts are available.  That’s not because we think you choose tacky crap, or that we’re overly-bossy, but rather because for whatever reason(fabric, size of garment, etc.), that font isn’t a great choice for that item.  There are of course exceptions, and y’all email us and ask and usually, we say yes, because unlike Barry, we do care about you and we want you to be happy with your purchase and your font!  We’ve also added an option to the drop-down menu that says “Let Peekawhoo Pick-For a Girl!” and “Let Peekawhoo Pick-For a Boy!”  We have this in place already for your color choice, and then we figured well what if you’re unsure what font you’d like, or which one would look best, or you’re feeling lazy, or you’re all “font schmont”…we will pick one for you!  As always, we promise it will be cute and appropriate.  Not tacky or overly-sentimental.

Speaking of fonts, you want to know the new fonts?  Yes?  Great!We love Penpal!  It’s a great alternative to Caroline(though we still love Caroline, too), as it’s a scripty/printy font that’s clean and readable.aden and anaisTechie looks just right on this sweet monogrammed aden + anais swaddle blanket!
Stella is in sassy and Mary Louise is in candy, and these two fun fonts are my new favorites!  Our new Zebi Baby bibs  would make just about any font look cute!Camp is the perfect font for a shorter name, and we love it here on our Angel Dear Napping Blanket!

For a full listing of all of our name fonts, click here.

Next week I’ll be updating our monogram fonts, so stay tuned for even more fabulous ways to embellish and bedazzle your Peekawhoo baby gifts!

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and Happy Halloween to you!

Introducing the newest member of our team, Laura Cox!

Friends, we are SO EXCITED to introduce the newest member of the Peekawhoo team, Laura Cox!

Laura knows how to get her monogram on, and she’ll be assisting with both our custom and web orders, and we couldn’t be happier that she’s going to be joining us in the studio.

I could wax poetic all day long about how awesome Laura is, but I’ll let her awesomeness speak for itself in the very fancy, very formal interview we recently conducted.

1.  Tell us about yourself, Laura.  Where were you born and raised?  How did you get to Greenville?

I am a daughter, sister, sister-in-law, wife and mother which means I am very blessed!! I grew up in Anderson, South Carolina but was  actually born in New Braunfels, Texas.

2.  What are your favorite products that you’ve used with your kids?

Well I have a super soft spot for anything Aden+Anais. It is just so sweet and cuddly and of course is even sweeter with a monogram!

3.  What was your first concert?

I am ashamed to admit that I had to think back to figure out if New Kids on The Block was first or Nelson (OMG!!), pretty sure NKOTB  was first. And yes, I did go see them when they came to the BiLo Center a few years back!! Ha!

4.  How did you get into sewing?

After I had my daughter in 2008 I realized the importance of having something personalized!! I wanted her initials on EVERYTHING!! I  bought my first sewing machine only because it had an embroidery attachment and I wanted to know how to monogram her things.  I watched a lot of You Tube videos and online tutorials and taught myself to embroider! So many people assume that I am a seamstress as well but that is the farthest things from the truth!! I can barely hem pants!

5.  What’s your favorite font?

That is a very hard question!!! I love a lot of the fun curly fonts but I think the classic vine(interlock) monogram is hard to beat. It is just so timeless and everyone’s initials work well with it!

6.  What’s the best part about Peekawhoo(shameless!)?

I love Peekawhoo because it is such a fun working atmosphere and really beats the heck out of me cranking out monograms in my closet by myself!! (It also doesn’t hurt that we all share the same love of good embroidery and mimosas!)

 7.  What’s the best book you’ve read lately?
I am just going to be safe here and say The Bible. (Which means, I can’t remember the last book I read, it was probably before I had kids)
8.  Do you play Candy Crush?
No!  Am I fired?
9.  Have you watched Friday Night Lights?  What’s our favorite TV show?
I have not watched Friday Night Lights!!! I have a tie for favorite TV show!! I am equally addicted to Nashville and Downton Abbey.
10.  What’s your favorite color/fabric combination for appliques?
For girls it’s hard to mess with a good pink and green combo! Especially when you are using some fun, funky fabrics!!!
11.  What’s the best race you’ve ever run?
The Nashville Rock n Roll Half Marathon. It was my first half so it was quite an accomplishment for me! I would love to do another one at some point but going to look into a course a little less hilly!!
12.  Who would play you in the movie of your life?
Not because I look like her in anyway but Im going to go with Rachel McAdams. I love her. And I wouldn’t be disappointed if my husband was played by Ryan Gosling….. I’m just sayin.
13.  Are you into this sort of interview?
Lovin this interview.
14.  Any closing thoughts?
I couldn’t be more excited about my new venture at Peekawhoo! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!!
Given her love of Ryan Gosling, Downton Abbey, and the Interlock font, not to mention her graphic design and sewing skills and her creativity, it’s obvious that Laura is a great fit for Peekawhoo.  We’re so excited she’s joining us and we look forward to continued growth, jam-up service, and even more fun, creative Peekawhoo products getting out the door and all over the country to all of you.  Thanks to Laura, we can continue to meet the growing demand for Peekawhoo love!
Thanks for checking in, friends, and have a great weekend!
Locals, don’t forget about the drop-in today from 9-12.  Come see us!

Angel Dear Lovies…a pair and a spare!

I remember once, when I was around 4 or 5 or so,  my family went to  Tweetsie Railroad, a Wild West Theme Park(!) in the North Carolina mountains.  I may have actually been older, but since I’m telling a story about how I wanted to bring my blanket along with me, we’ll stick with the notion that I was 4.  Or 5.

So I had a seriously serious attachment to my blanket, a wonderfully soft and stinky(because I never let Mom wash it) hand-knit  blanket that my mom made for me when I was born.  Along with my stuffed cow, originally and affectionately named “Cowy”, I took it everywhere.  Possibly until I was married.

On this particular day at Tweetsie, I didn’t want to bring my actual blanket because, well, to lose it would have been one of those unimaginable horrors.  My blanket was not replaceable, and the idea of losing it struck fear in my heart.  I’m not really exaggerating here.

Instead, I brought a paper towel, which in hindsight seems kind of an odd substitute for my knit blanket, but it was 1980 and Angel Dear Loveys and aden and anais blankets were not quite as readily available then.

After getting off of the chairlift that takes you to the top half of Tweetsie Railroad, we wandered over to the petting zoo, intent on seeing some chicks and goats and pigs and ponies.  It was a small petting zoo, kind of close quarters if I remember correctly, but I had my paper towel blanket by my side, and I was grounded and secure and ready for fun.  I leaned forward to pet a goat or pony or something, focusing my attention on that cute little fella.  At the same time, a sneaky goat came up behind me and started munching on my paper towel blanket, eating the majority of it before I could dislodge it from his greedy, undiscerning jowls.

I remember being mildly traumatized by the incident, likely due to the mere possibility that had I brought my actual blanket, it would have wound up in some random goat’s belly in the Tweetsie Railroad petting zoo.  I’ve recovered, obviously, but I’d like to suggest that all you parents out there avoid this same fate with your own children by buying them a multitude of lovies.  A pair and a spare, if you will, like Jordyn and Anna’s clever moms have bought.

angel dear loveyWe have new blue owl Angel Dear lovies and Angel Dear Blankets, too, and they’d make a perfect lovey for your little one.  Buy one, or three.  You’ll be happy you did.Angel Dear loveyThanks for checking in, friends, and have a great Tuesday!

Another Band-Aid Comes Off: Running.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law sent me a text that read “Thinking about Intense Fit at 9 at Y…interested? I’m not feeling Intensely Fit, but there wasn’t a Marginally Fit class on schedule”

How can you say no to that?

She summed it up, really, the way I feel here at the end of the summer.  For a variety of reasons, I’ve been on running hiatus-life, kids, beach, beer, laziness?-but it’s time to reconnect with my Mizunos, time to make the leap from marginally to intensely fit.  If my calves and quads are any indication after yesterday, then I’m moving in the right direction.

So on Tuesday I ran 5 miles, and yesterday we went to Intense Fit, and gradually I’m getting my act back together. Soon I’ll sign up for a fall half-marathon to keep myself accountable, if any of you are interested in joining me.  On that note, I have a spot in the Portland, Oregon, marathon that is up for grabs(October 6th, great race!) if you’d like to have it.  That one will have to remain on my to-do list for a little bit longer.It may be a while before I share this guy’s sentiment, but five miles is a start.

And speaking of running…we hope to have the machines back up and running on Monday(or Tuesday, but we’re really, really shooting for Monday).  Thank you for your continued patience as we get the studio back in order after the move!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ripping off the Band-aid: Wrapping up Summer, Packing Lunches, and Moving.

Heeeeeeeeellllllllooooooo readers!

It’s only been, what, 3 months?? since I last wrote?  Here’s a quick photographic recap of what at least a portion of the Peekawhoo family has been up to since then…

Mine have been back in school since August 8th, believe it or not, and we’re all getting back into the routine of waking up early and hustling out the door in order to get to school on time.  We’re doing ok, really, with the exception of packing lunches.

It’s like I’m reinventing the wheel every time.  Seriously.  Like it’s the most difficult task I’m faced with on a day to day basis.  I started dreading it late July, around two weeks before school started back.  I see photos of these Bento Boxes on Facebook and Pinterest, all the sprouts and sushi and fresh raw foods that everyone’s child eats but mine.  I consider waking them all up and having them make their own lunches.  I think about making everything the night before.

But then, true to form, I just wait until the absolute last minute and throw some food into an insulated box, jam it in their backpack, and send them all on their way.

I did manage to monogram them each a new lunchbox for school this year, hoping that a new receptacle would inspire me to put fun, fresh, healthy foods in there.  And truthfully, the older two don’t have anything monogrammed.  You know, it’s the whole cobbler’s kid having no shoes situation. You can find the camo lunchbox I monogrammed for them here, as well as some other cute back to school stuff, too.

You can find our adorable new monogrammed backpacks and lunchboxes for big girls hereAnd in other news, Peekawhoo has moved to a new studio!  We’re in the process of getting things back up and running…unpacking boxes, getting the machines threaded, getting all of our new Angel Dear and 3 Marthas and Mint and Aden and Anais situated…so if you’ve ordered in the past week and your order hasn’t arrived yet, take heart!  We are getting lunches packed, boxes UNpacked, machines up and running, kids back to school, and getting organized, so we’ll get it to you as soon as possible!

We hope that wherever you are, the end of summer is proving to be a time of fun and reflection and sunny skies(we’ve had somuchrain!!).  We’ll try not to be away from the blog for so long…

Thanks for checking in, friends, and have a great week!


Photos courtesy of Jay and yours truly!

Angel Dear Lovies…Because Monogrammed Jellycat Bunnies are sooooo February 2013.

Lately, we’ve seen a surge in sales in our Angel Dear Lovies and Angel Dear Blankets.   angel dear loveyangel dear loveyangel dear loveyAngel Dear loveyangel dear blanketAfter the Great Bunny Rush of 2013, we were wondering if ya’ll would remember about these tried and true lovies, and we’re happy to see that you have. Of course there’s no surprise these are popular-Angel Dear has been on our radar for years, as all of our children had a host of Angel Dear lovies when they were younger(and we still find them in their beds now!).  We knew when we launched Peekawhoo that we wanted to carry this line of lovies and blankets as they monogram well and are perfectly soft and sweet, and Angel Dear is well-known for their high-quality products.  We’ve come a long way since snuggling with these when I was a kid…to loving on these…and these!
jellycatOne of our customers sent us this photograph of her daughter with her monogrammed Jellycat bunny and Dream Blanket from aden + anais, and we fell in love.  She did too, from the looks of things!

Thanks for checking in, friends, and have a great Thursday!

#TBT, on the Eights.

Recently I’ve been dipping into the closet in the guest bedroom, the one where more often than not I’ll find Lucy snoozing on the bed, pretending she can’t see me since she knows she’s not supposed to be on there and if she’s not looking at me, then I can’t see her, obviously.

This closet houses old longalls and jon jons of the kids that I can’t get rid of, the shiny purple strapless pantsuit type situation I wore to our rehearsal dinner(black feather boa included), a dress of my mom’s from a luau in Hawaii before I was born, a Saks Fifth Avenue dress I got in 1995 yet can’t seem to part with, a Magnolia Baby monogrammed converter that belonged to #3, my prom dresses…you get the picture.  We’ve established previously that I have trouble getting rid of stuff(romper, anyone?), and though I’ve improved since we moved back into our house, there are still a few pockets here and there where I’ve squirreled away stuff I can’t part with just yet.

Case in point: the pig and corn wrap skirt below.  I saw this gem hanging in the closet the other day and thought-it’s Friday.  Why not!  It was also almost Mother’s Day, and this skirt was my mom’s from 1978, so I decided to wrap it on up, bring it back, and pay homage to my mom’s awesome style.

I was a little surprised to find this old hoodie hidden amongst the dresses and the longalls, but once I spotted it, I put it on immediately and was more than a little shocked to discover that it still fit.  Given the year was 1988 and it likely draped over me like a giant mumu then, I shouldn’t be surprised that it fits well now.  If you’ll remember this post, you’ll know that a significant part of the 80s were spent watching my brother on the wrestling mat, and I used to wear this hoodie and my wrestling shoes while I was handing out towels to the wrestlers after their matches.  I was, obviously, an integral part of the team.   I have the sweatshirt to prove it.
In 2008, Jay and I left the kids for a week-the longest we’d been away-and went to Portland, Oregon for a friend’s wedding where I picked up this flowered frock at a little boutique in the Alberta Arts District.  Liked it then, like it now.

In case you’re new to this blog and are reading here for the first time, let me assure you that this is in no way a fashion blog.  I’m laughing at the notion that it would ever be a fashion blog, excepting the possibility of Heather taking the reigns, as she’s ridiculously fashionable and stylish and bejeweled and in the know about whether you should wear a wedge or a flat with this jean or that, about whether you should use chevron or seersucker or twill for your applique.  Not sure what pink goes on that adorable aden+anais Dream Blanket?  No worries.  She knows which pink.   Can’t decide between apple or turquoise on your new monogrammed Mixed Bag Tote?  She’ll steer you right and make it look good.  She can also wear white pants and tunics.  I’ve never been able to wear white pants and tunics.

I have white pants.  And a tunic-like thing.  They’re both in my actual closet, the one with the clothes hanging in them that I’m a little tired of looking at, that I stare at every morning, divining some inspiration, hoping something new will appear.  And that’s when I find myself moseying up the hall to the front bedroom, perusing the closet with all the leftovers.

The thing about the leftovers is this-just about every one has a story, a history that registers somewhere in the back of my mind when I run my fingers along the edge of the fabrics.  The crazy patterned wrap pants that I wore to one of my Mom’s art openings a few years ago?  They’re hers from when she and my Dad and brothers lived in San Francisco, before I came along.  The long cotton elephant-and-flower patterned (you know what I’m talking about, right?) sleeveless hippie dress?  From the days in high school and beyond when I wanted to follow the Dead.  The Mad Men-esque deep pink tweed suit with the offset fur collar from Bergdorf’s that belonged to Jay’s grandmother, the wildly impractical short-sleeved smocked bubble with the peter pan collar from the Eldest’s first Christmas, the delicate knee-length white knit sleeveless dress with knit picot trim that belonged to my grandmother, the too-short navy sleeveless dress I wore to my my brother and sister-in-law’s rehearsal dinner where I gave a 19 year-old’s version of a heart-felt toast and then drank too much and danced the night away…these clothes are, in the words of Jerry Garcia, “built to last while clouds roll past like cloudscapes in the sky.”  They matter to me and my story,  and even if their quality isn’t built to last, the tales that accompany them are.

1978, 1988, (we’ll skip 1998 since I was wearing XXL cotton sorority tees and purple Patagonia shorts that I finally, finally got rid of last year), and 2008.   I’m curious, naturally, what’s in store for 2018, what pieces of my current wardrobe and those of my kids will be moved to the front closet, what kinds of stories they’ll tell, what I’ll look back at and think I can’t believe I ever wore that or, more likely, if history is any indication… I think it’s time to bring that back!

What do you think that will be? What stories do you have in your closet?

Thanks for checking in, friends, and have a great weekend!

*Also, this post was ideally supposed to be published yesterday, on Thursday, but like usual, I’m behind…





HeArt and Soul

On Thursday after the Boston Marathon, the kids’ school hosted its annual art show, where all the students proudly display the work they’ve created under the tutelage of Jill, the school’s amazingly talented and energetic art teacher.  It’s always such a lovely event, with art displayed all over the campus in the classrooms, in the office, on the walkways.  Jill, an artist herself, is one of those remarkable teachers who is able to convey fact, technique, and fun, instilling a love and appreciation for the process and study of art.

Jill teaches the kids about the great artists, the great works-Degas, Monet, Van Gogh this year, Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci in years past.  They listen, they learn, they emulate, they experiment, they create.  They learn the rules so that one day, they can break them, they can move beyond and outside the lines and make their own magic.

These are good things, these paintings.  The kids were proud to see their work displayed, to see their investments admired.  Though kids may not feel the anxiety as acutely as adults, it’s often difficult to release something you’ve made out into the world for fear of its critique or misunderstanding or that people just flat out won’t like it.  You’re putting a piece of yourself out there-writing, painting, drawing, dancing, singing-these forms of creativity allow us to express ourselves in ways different from our typical greetings and correspondences; they bring beauty and perspective and form to emotion, to feeling.

In our home, we have lots of art.  It’s not necessarily fine or expensive, but it covers our walls.  As a former Art History minor, the daughter of an artist, and someone often billed as “creative”, I enjoy the study and history of art, its relationship to and critical foundation in the formation of culture.

And what I’ve also learned through the years about art is that I like art because you made it.  Because it came from you.  Because you went out on a limb and put some of yourself into it, because you shared with the rest of the world.  

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is evidence that not all art is joyful, that what we sometimes need to share is darker, deeper, more reflective of ugliness rather than beauty.   But it’s all there within us-the light and the dark, the beautiful and the twisty.  The key, I think, is getting the light to shine brighter than the dark, in seeing the shared value of creating something, in putting ourselves out there so that we become a part of the collective good, of the energy that moves us forward.

It’s part of what we love so much at Peekawhoo that I’ve mentioned before-seeing your styles and your choices, recognizing the kind of joy that comes from putting together a color, fabric, and texture.  We monogram, yes.  And applique.  But we’re also working together with you to put some goodness out into the world, to bring a little love and light to your babies and your mamas and your kids.

The way I see it, the world could use a little more of that love and light now, and always.

Thanks for checking in, friends, and have a creative Thursday!



aden + anais Blankets…and an Interview with our Lucky aden + anais Dream Blanket Winner, Jaclyn!

Good afternoon, friends!
As you know, we recently held a giveaway for our new aden+anais Dream Blankets!  If you missed it, it may be because you’re not following us on Facebook.  (Now would be a good time to do that so you don’t miss another giveaway opportunity!)aden and anais dream blanket
aden and anaisWe’re also carrying the aden+anais swaddle blankets, too, in case you hadn’t heard.  aden and anais swaddle blanketaden and anaisaden and anais
We are in love with these aden+anais blankets, especially when you personalize them!
Our lucky winner, Jaclyn, will be receiving the Pink Medallion aden +anais Dream Blanket, and we’ll be shipping it to her in Michigan.
We love hearing from every single one of you, and in the interest of learning more about our valued customers, I caught up with Jaclyn yesterday to find out a little bit more about her.  She is awesome-a mom of six, a homeschooler…I could go on and on, but her answers below speak for themselves.  Read on to find out more about this super-cool Peekawhoo fan!
1.  Tell us a little about yourself-where you’re from, where you live, family, etc.

Well, my name is Jaclyn and I’m from Michigan – born, raised and still here.  We (my husband Ryan (of almost 14 yrs) and our six children (2 boys ages 13 yrs and almost 4 yrs and 4 girls ages 10, 9, 5 1/2 and 17 months)) live in the Upper Peninsula, near Lake Superior.  I’m a homeschooling stay at home mom, I love to get my craft on, so it’s a good thing that my children love to craft as well!  I also love to be in my kitchen baking and cooking!  

2.  What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?
My favorite thing? Hmm…. The cuddles, no wait… It would be the sweet notes I get from them.  No, I think it’s being able to see them learn and grow, each day is an adventure!  Of course then there are the giggles – I love to hear them laughing!  They are all such a blessing!  Even on the days when they drive me batty! ;) I guess there is no ONE thing that is my favorite, there are many things!

3.  How’d you hear about Peekawhoo?  And what’s your favorite thing about Peekawhoo?
A few weeks before Easter I was browsing through my news feed on Facebook.  I happened upon a post by Lil Blue Boo about the Jellycat bunnies with a 10% off code for them as well!  I had been looking for something for our youngest and instantly fell in love with them and right away ordered one.  We could NOT be happier.  This bunny is soft, cuddly and adorable!  She takes it every where with her.  I had the ear monogrammed and every where we go, we get compliments on it!  I love how soft the light pink thread is against the beige bunny!  You are now my go-to place if I am in need of a gift, the quality of your items, the great customer service and communication are fantastic, so thank you for that!

4.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would that be and with whom?
Wow, this one is tough, but first pick would be Australia and with Ryan and ALL of the kids – what a great learning experience it would be for them!!!

5.  What was your first thought when you learned that you’d won the aden + anais Dream Blanket?
OH MY GOSH! NO WAY!  After having a really bad birthday, this certainly brightened my night to read that I had won!  I had to show my husband the post just to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong!
Jaclyn, we’re so glad you found us and that we found you!  Thanks for being a loyal supporter and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And thanks to all of you, too.  We wouldn’t be us without you!
Have a great day, friends, and thanks for checking in!

Simon Says.

Last week before we were to leave town for spring break, we noticed that two out of three B boys were looking a little suspect and rashy.  The Eldest looked like he’d been slapped in the face a few times, and after karate, my mom noticed #3 had a little bumpy rash forming just below his ear.

Rather than head to the USC-Furman game at Fluor Field which would have been a lot more fun than hanging out with the whole family at the doctor’s office, we decided last minute to take them all to MD 360 on the off chance that what they had was catching.  Since we were  spending the remainder of the week with all the cousins, it seemed parentally wise to rule out something serious.

By the time we got in the room, it was 6:45, no one had eaten dinner, and they were all going ba-nanas.  Rather than hand one of them my phone so the other two could hover over the chosen one’s shoulder and fight about who gets to play what, I instead-in a fit of inspired old school fun- suggested that we all play Simon Says.

#3 immediately took the helm.

I was expecting a little hop-on-one-leg kind of business, or maybe  Simon Says turn around, touch the ground, tap your toes.  The usual kind of stuff.

(As an aside, you have to know that #3′s voice is unusually low and gravelly for a 4 year-old.  It sounds a little bit like he’s swallowed a few rocks and that they’re rolling around in his esophagus when he’s talking.  Though this isn’t an unlikely possibility, he’s always sounded this way, so his commands sound that much funnier barked out in a deep rasp.)

Instead, this is what #3 came up with.

Simon Says stick your finger in your eyeball even if your eyeball is open.

Simon Says kick your neighbor.

Simon Says fake burp.

Simon Says hit your brother.

Simon Says punch yourself in the face.

Simon Says stick your hand in your mouth.

Simon Says pick your nose.

Simon Says do this…

And so on and so on.

We all obliged, of course, and played perhaps the grossest, funniest, most visceral, most painful game of Simon Says ever.  Or at least that I’ve ever played.

It was loud and rambunctious and borderline obnoxious, and in hindsight I possibly should’ve just handed over my phone for the sake of the other patients and doctors and nurses in the office.  But it was funny and memorable, and made the strep and the Fifths Disease diagnosis a little more tolerable.

Hope everyone is having a great week!