5 Things We’re Thankful For Today & We’re Giving Them All Away!

Since it’s Friday and the weekend before Thanksgiving, we’ve teamed up with The Pink Bee, a shop here in our lovely town of Greenville, SC, to do two things… 1. to tell you few fun things we’re thankful for and 2. to give yall an opportunity to win some fun stuff, since we’re thankful for you and we like to make you happy!



Enter to win on INSTAGRAM!!!  It’s easy and fun!!


What are we thankful for today?  Let’s talk about it a little.

1.  COFFEE.  We are so thankful for coffee.  We love coffee.  The world may revolve around coffee.  You know that saying “Today is one of those days that my coffee is going to need a coffee,” well here lately, that feels like every day.  SO…how cute is this adorable Lilly Pulitzer travel coffee mug, covered in gold elephants and backed in navy??  Drinking coffee out of this travel mug would  brighten your day right away…Lilly + Coffee + Elephants + Coffee=love.lilly-coffee-mug

2.  HAVING A PLAN.  We love to check things off our list, to feel accomplished, to feel like we’re making a difference.  This fun Lilly planner is just the thing to keep you on track and on trend.lily-planner

3.  BUNNIES.  We love  fluffy monogrammed Jellycat bunnies, and we love how happy they make you!  It wouldn’t be a proper giveaway with the Pink Bee if we didn’t include a pink monogrammed Jellycat bunny, so…we did.monogrammed-tulip-jellycat

4.  MONOGRAMS.  Monograms aren’t going to bring about world peace by any means, but they do bring about a little beauty and light, and that’s never a bad thing.  Details.  Monograms are about the details, paying attention, adding something a little special.  And this pink monogrammed wristlet is just that-a little something special.
monogrammed-wristlet-pink5.  LOVE.  Last but not least, we’re thankful for love.  We love your support, and we love you, and we wouldn’t be here without you, so there are two things here to remind you of that-a Lilly Lover charm necklace and a Lucy Darling Art Print. lillylover

you-are-lovedWant to enter to win all of these fun items? Head over to Instagram and enter there…it’s easy and fun, and it could all be yours!


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