A Culinary Tour of The Americas Mart, Atlanta.

Saturday, while on the way to and at market, I consumed this:


*Bojangles Cajun Chicken Biscuit

*Vanilla “Capuccino” from the Quicktrip (Highlight-the guy in front of us in line turning around while the cashier was ringing up his 3 Sunkists and sausage biscuit and saying, sincerely, “You two girls look very pretty this morning.  Has anybody told you that yet?”  I kinda loved him for that.  Chivalry is not dead-nor are truck-driving males in the south sitting three across in a red Chevy.)

*6 Chic-fil-a nuggets and some sad-looking grapes at the Three Marthas Showroom

*Orange Ice ice cream from Brusters, complements of another showroom I can’t remember

*A mini Three Musketeers at the Baby Legs booth

*An orange Tootsie Roll at the Anais and Aden booth

*”Adult” lemonade and a cupcake at the Mint showroom

*More “adult” lemonade and some M and Ms at the Buckhead Betties showroom

*A mini Diet Coke, a cheeseburger from the Varsity, chips, chardonnay, and some cheese squares from the MudPie showroom

*Another “Cappucino” from the QT, paired with a bag of Chex Mix

Not surprisingly, after a day of being on my feet and eating like a middle schooler given free reign of the pantry, I woke up yesterday morning with a raging market hangover, certain I’d been out all night pounding beers.

Somewhere between round two of the adult lemonade and the T-rex-like consumption of the Varsity cheeseburger, I started to glaze over and severely lose focus.  Heather and I were trying to decide between this size bag and that size bag, this chevron and that ikat, and I think I got lost somewhere out in the middle space for a few seconds.  I came back when Heather said, “you don’t like these anymore?  You’re not feeling these?  Yes? No? Not a good idea to carry these?”

I stared at her, probably drooled a little, and said, very eloquently “I need a cheeseburger.”

Market is awesome, and overwhelming, and crazy.  And at the end, I felt awesome(to be leaving with some really, really cute new things for yall for fall and spring), overwhelmed (with how much junk I’d eaten) and crazy (about all the cute new Three Marthas, Mudpie, Angel Dear, and Mint, just to name a few, that we’ll be bringing to you soon!). Yay!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and as always, thanks for checking in!



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