Running with the Dawgs

This is Eben.  He is THE brown dog at Brown Dog Farm. My in-laws live about 15 minutes outside Madison, Georgia, just south of heaven and then take a right onto Brown Dog Farm.  It truly is a getaway from the kind of busyness and crazy that is our normal routine in Greenville.  Just 25 minutes away is the University of Georgia, Len and my alma mater (and maybe the greatest campus ever).  We met at UGA, dated there, and married

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What Do You Do All Day, Anyway?

It’s simple really, I monogram.  No, I’m not home, hanging out, lounging, eating thin mints, watching Downton Abbey.  Although, that show has kept me up late watching.  And I am obsessed.  And convinced I need a lady’s maid.  #downtonabbey #obsessed.  Twitter.  Also my new obsession. We’ve had a 3 Martha’s sale, so we’ve been monogramming a lot of 3 Martha’s bibs, burp cloths, and hooded towels in the studio.  Lots of thread around here.  The colors make me happy for spring all year round! 

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Be My Valentine

I’ve retyped this one sentence ten times already.  Which is why Kelley blogs and I think about blogging and do not.  I’m still working on thinking about, not really writing about my girl’s birthday/slumber party. In November.  Sixteen 9-year-old girls.  No joke.   Clearly I survived, and will live to tell that another day.  But, I promised Kelley a post sometime with in the year.  January is a good start.  So, it’s funny I’m a month early for a Valentine post.  Mainly because I’m never

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