Baby Book: Back to Basics

I’ve spent the last ten years agonizing over how I’m going to make my son’s baby book as fabulous as my first born’s. I only have two children. How hard can this be?


Evan's baby books. Plural

My daughter’s baby book has two parts. Really, it’s two books. 0-6 months in one and 6-12 in the other. I scrapbooked the hell out of her baby book. Total first time, stay-at-home, scrapbook ALLTHETHINGS mom. I loved it. I stressed out over every page I made with love. My dining room looked like a craft store exploded in it. Then our son was born.
I was totally planning to make him the same baby book(s). But like I said, our second child was born. Multitasking with two children took on a new meaning. When he was 6 months old, I decided to start a new business. That’s when all his pictures and keepsakes went in a box to scrapbook later. Later became now. He’s ten and in the fifth grade.
But, this past summer at market, our favorite monthly milestone sticker company, Lucy Darling came up with the solution to all my baby book problems.  A Baby’s Book of Firsts. A memory book made simple. I love simple. At Peekawhoo, we love simple. Especially being a working mom. As a former stay-at-home mom, I wish I had known of such a cute simple baby book too! It’s like Lucy Darling scrapbooked it all for me. All I have to do is literally insert my photos here. Hospital bands here. Foot prints here. It’s ridiculously cute. And simple.
What I’m saying is, if you are a new mom to be, do this now for your first baby. Gift this to your friend who’s going to be a new mom. She will you love you for it. This memory book is fabulous. Or if you’re like me and haven’t done one, do it now for your ten year old. So you’re not agonizing over how his sister has a baby book to look at and he doesn’t. Also, the smile on his face was Ah-dorable when he saw what I was doing for him.  Did I mention I sat down with only his box of pictures/keepsakes, scissors, a glue stick, a pen and washi tape.
There’s a spot for everything. I may be missing a few pics. But only because they’re not in the cloud … They’re on ten year old Kodak film. Yes. Kodak. A time when iPhone’s didn’t exist and I still used a 35mm.
But I did a pretty good job of printing most of his milestones.
And for all the non-milestone pics that I do have that I love… There are blank pages with beautiful graphics to place picture after picture.
I love how his turned out! I love that it took me no time at all to start ten years late. I love that it is available in two versions for boys or girls. So friends, I’m sharing my old- mom wisdom with you… Life is short, make it simple. Whether you’re gifting yourself or a friend, you will love this keepsake!

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