Fourth of July *Monogrammed* Fun!

You may have noticed that we’re getting all patriotic-and nautical!-up in here at Peekawhoo lately…monogrammed coolermonogrammed coolermonogrammed tote

You really can’t go wrong with this classic color combination, as is evidenced by these adorable monogrammed anchor coolers, our  fun monogrammed anchor tote, and our super-pragmatic and simultaneously stylish navy chevron department store tote, pictured below.

Monogrammed tote

flap happy sun hat

monogrammed flap happy hat

AND SERIOUSLY…does it get any cuter than these Flap Happy Sun Hats?  We love the red with white polka dots and a blue and white striped ruffle, and especially love Libby’s hat in red with white polka dots!

Wherever you are this Fourth of July week, we hope you’re celebrating (possibly with monogrammed totes and coolers?!) in style, with hot dogs and hamburgers and corn on the cob and apple pie and fireworks and sparklers and picnics and whatever it is about America and americana that you love!

Thanks, as always, for checking in, and have a great week!



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