Introducing Kayce Hughes Layette

We’ve always had a soft spot for Nashville based designer Kayce Hughes and her lovely line of clothing. As a mom of seven and the creator and creative force behind Pears and Bears(the original children’s line) and now the aptly named Kayce Hughes, we’ve admired her classic lines and vintage-inspired fabrics for years.  When we discovered her vintage boy diaper covers and her classic monogrammed gown, we jumped at the opportunity to offer them on

monogrammed-diaper-coverBoth made of 100% pima cotton and with fantastic attention to detail, these two pieces are definite go-to’s for anyone looking for a classic baby gift.  We love the buttons on the diaper cover, and the elastic legs and back ensure a snug but comfy fit.  The monogram pictured here is Serif Block in light blue, with the initials straight across, typically a more masculine style.  monogrammed-baby-gownpersonalized-baby-gown

Here, we’ve embroidered the traditional monogram in light pink, one of our favorite combinations for a baby girl.  This gown, however, is as versatile as it is sweet, and would make the perfect gift for a baby boy as well.  These are the kinds of gifts that will resonate well past the moment of their giving, the kinds of treasures that will be tucked away in hope chests and cedar closets for years to come.

*Now most people would stop here because really, you’ve been introduced to the product and seen some appropriate images.  However, since I have approximately 50 pictures of my youngest in that adorable diaper cover, I’m about to blow up the bottom of this blog with a little highlight reel.

I do this not only because like most mothers, I think I have the cutest baby on the planet, but also because the photos of him in this diaper cover when he’s a newborn(which truly would have been AH-dorable) don’t actually exist.  I’m a total cliche of a mom of four kids in that this baby plays with dangerous stuff, eats dum dums, crayons, and acorns on the regular, already watches PG-13 TV, is totally spoiled rotten, and has had no formal pictures taken.  Yet.





more toes

because hitting is fun!

The secret’s out on that smile-any time a big brother is around, we’ve got a happy baby on our hands-even if he’s being suplexed or headlocked.

Now just imagine if I were like so many of you readers-on the ball and with a photography session already set up for my new baby!  That diaper cover and that gown are PERFECT for photo ops, don’t you think?

No new baby in your house?  No problem!  Order a classic gift for a friend and make their day!


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