Introducing the BE AWESOME box from Peekawhoo!

Do you ever find yourself thinking about someone-a friend from home you’ve not seen in ages, a new mom, someone going through a particularly challenging time-and think…I wish I could do something nice for them, something to let them know I’m thinking about them?

But then you go to send a card and don’t have any stamps.  Or you start to send a text and the light turns green(if we’re being totally honest, right?).  Or you dial the number to call and get distracted by political commercials/diaper changes/texts coming in/making dinner/putting someone to bed/putting yourself to bed/etc.

The day goes by and you’re still thinking about them, but they don’t know it…and there’s still one thing left on your to-do list.

Enter our new limited edition BE AWESOME box, available now!


The BE AWESOME box from Peekawhoo is a carefully curated selection of six little gifts that are sure to make any gal feel loved, thought of, and appreciated.

bab-up-close This super-fun, festive box includes:

*Rinse Shower Bomb

*Rinse 100% natural Chapstick

*Must-Have Necklace

*Don’t Forget to Be Awesome pencil

*Stay Sharp pencil sharpener


And a hand-written note saying whatever happy things you want to say… on fun stationary!


Our BE AWESOME box comes wrapped in a white craft box with purple tape and a big ol’ sticker-it’s happiness in a box if we’ve ever seen it, and anyone who receives it will have the best mail day ever!

beawesome At $30, it’s like you can’t NOT send one now.  For the amount of love and good cheer this box is going to send, you’re going to come out WAY ahead in terms of investment, and that’s always a good thing.

So go ahead and make someone’s day(and we don’t mean that like Dirty Harry…we mean that like Peekawhoo style!) and send them a BE AWESOME box.  You’ll be thoughtful, generous, and loving, and they’ll be grateful, loved, and happy! You’ll win, they’ll win, everybody will win!!

Please note: All boxes will contain the same items, though they may be slightly different in color and pattern in each box!


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