Jack Black on Fonts.

Do ya’ll remember that scene in High Fidelity where Barry, played by Jack Black, basically shuts down a customer because he wholesale thinks the customer’s taste in music is unacceptable?


Barry’s Customer: Hi, Do you have the song “I Just Called to Say I Love You?” It’s for my daughter’s birthday.

Barry: Yea we have it.

Barry’s Customer: Great, great.  Can I have it?

Barry: No, no, you can’t.

Barry’s Customer: Why not?

Barry: Well, it’s sentimental tacky crap.  Do we look like the kind of store that sells “I Just Called to Say I Love You?”  Go to the mall.


We just added new Name Fonts to our font page (YAY! HOORAH!) and you may notice that on some of our items, not all fonts are available.  That’s not because we think you choose tacky crap, or that we’re overly-bossy, but rather because for whatever reason(fabric, size of garment, etc.), that font isn’t a great choice for that item.  There are of course exceptions, and y’all email us and ask and usually, we say yes, because unlike Barry, we do care about you and we want you to be happy with your purchase and your font!  We’ve also added an option to the drop-down menu that says “Let Peekawhoo Pick-For a Girl!” and “Let Peekawhoo Pick-For a Boy!”  We have this in place already for your color choice, and then we figured well what if you’re unsure what font you’d like, or which one would look best, or you’re feeling lazy, or you’re all “font schmont”…we will pick one for you!  As always, we promise it will be cute and appropriate.  Not tacky or overly-sentimental.

Speaking of fonts, you want to know the new fonts?  Yes?  Great!We love Penpal!  It’s a great alternative to Caroline(though we still love Caroline, too), as it’s a scripty/printy font that’s clean and readable.aden and anaisTechie looks just right on this sweet monogrammed aden + anais swaddle blanket!
Stella is in sassy and Mary Louise is in candy, and these two fun fonts are my new favorites!  Our new Zebi Baby bibs  would make just about any font look cute!Camp is the perfect font for a shorter name, and we love it here on our Angel Dear Napping Blanket!

For a full listing of all of our name fonts, click here.

Next week I’ll be updating our monogram fonts, so stay tuned for even more fabulous ways to embellish and bedazzle your Peekawhoo baby gifts!

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and Happy Halloween to you!


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