Jellycat Bunny…Lost and Found!

It’s not often that our Jellycat bunnies make the news, but this past week, one special BunBun in particular became a local celebrity!

Every May, Greenville, SC, hosts Artisphere, a fantastic street festival that attracts tens of thousands of people and has a little something for everyone, kids and adults alike. It’s not unusual to see families strolling the streets, perusing juried art in a variety of mediums, watching live performances, or creating interesting crafts in the Kidsphere tent.

This year, one of the littlest visitors brought her favorite lovey, BunBun the Jellycat bunny, in her stroller as she and her two older siblings and mom and dad enjoyed the festival. BunBun somehow “jumped” out of the stroller, however, and went on a little adventure of her own!

With all the people coming and going, thankfully a festival goer recognized BunBun for what she was-a much-loved escapee that needed to get back home! After turning BunBun in to the Artisphere lost and found, this photo was posted to social media, and the search began! Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 1.19.10 PM

Note in the bottom left-hand corner-this post had TWO THOUSAND THREE-HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX SHARES! 2,366. Wowza! It’s clear that the people of our fair city and beyond understand the importance of this little lovey, and know that it’s more than just a stuffed animal. You’re all familiar with the Velveteen Rabbit-these things are real, and the love and comfort they provide their owners is real, too. Losing a lovey strikes fear in the hearts of parents everywhere; I would scale the tallest building and swim the widest sea to recover my kids’ loveys, and I’m sure many of you would do the same.

Since BunBun was downtown already, she hopped on over to Mayor Knox White’s office and kept some fairly esteemed company in the interim. Not a bad gig for a bunny Monday!
Bunny and the Mayor

Thankfully, after all the shares on social media and after an exciting day with the mayor, BunBun’s owner was located! With a monogram on the ear, there was no mistaking ownership! This sweet video chronicles her adventures, and the reunion is worth seeing!

The adventures of BunBun took off, and no wonder-it’s a touching and sweet story with a happy ending. ┬áIt reminds us of the innocence of childhood, of the merit in preserving these moments when our children delight in loveys, in hugs, in the comfort and safety of being loved.

In honor of BunBun and her safe return, we’re running a contest right now on Facebook if you’d like to jump over and enter…all you have to do is post a photo of your well-loved bunny in the comments and you’re entered to win a back-up personalized Jellycat bunny. It never hurts to have a spare in the event your bunny decides to go adventuring!


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