Let’s catch up a bit.

If you’re getting this email, chances are you signed up to follow our blog years ago, back when we were starting out and back when I actually wrote more than bi-annually.

I love to write.  And whenever I go back and read this blog, I’m all “Man I’M FUNNY! I should do this more!” …but a few things have happened since we started this business, and writing this blog keeps getting pushed to the back burner.

What’s happened, you ask?

For starters, we’ve grown.  Hurrah!  That’s largely in part to loyal customers and followers like you.  We launched our new site back in July, and we hope you’re enjoying the new look and functionality of Peekawhoo 2.0.

Various other forms of social media have evolved, too, and suddenly reading a blog seems like you’re backlogged on issues of the New Yorker.  Which is to say it takes a loooooot of time, at least relative to twitter, and Facebook! And Instagram!  And Pinterest!  And Snapchat! And ALLTHESOCIALMEDIA.  We enjoy all of our accounts in these various places as they’re a great way to interact with our people, but they’ve definitely taken time away from the old blog, which in comparison seems like a clunky dinosaur next to all the shiny, quippy, quirky new media.

What else.  We’ve worked with some awesome people, namely AP from I Love you More than Carrots, Angie and Mayhem from Fashion by Mayhem, Jill from Baby Rabies, and Jessica Shyba from Momma’s Gone City, to name a few.  We’ve started a Brand Ambassador program with some great bloggers and customers, we’ve collaborated with some fun businesses like Bannor Toys, and we’ve sold the furry fur out of some Jellycat bunnies.  We’ve eliminated products that yall didn’t really like and started carrying brands you do, like Little Giraffe and Toobydoo and aden & anais.  And of course we kept the classics and favorites, like 3 Marthas, Mint, and Angel Dear.

In other news, we’ve added a couple new members, George and Walker, to the Peekawhoo clan.GeorgeGeorge, Heather’s new Cavalier King Charles
monogrammed-romper-peekawhoo 6monthsWKB


He’s our top model, and if I’m being honest, the primary reason this blog has dropped off a cliff.  Because seriously.  Who wouldn’t you want to sit around and stare at him all day?

In the interest of good business practices and good fun, I’m going to *try* and update the blog on a regular basis, likely with product reviews, new product releases, and general Peekawhoo cuteness.

In the interest of trying to get back on the writing train and to keep my mother and my aunts entertained, I’ve started a new blog called A Capable Woman, which you can find here.

We’d love for you to follow along in both places!

Allright-the baby is chewing on my keys and the dog is barking-time to go start the day.  Hope everyone has a great one and as always, thanks for checking in!


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