Major Monogram

Major Monogram of Disney’s genius show Phineas and Ferb:

(Genius)Major Monogram of Peekawhoo:

The first Major Monogram is Perry the Platypus/Agent P’s commanding officer, and head of The O.W.C.A, a secret organization comprised solely of animals. He gives Agent P orders via teleconference, and is often not wearing pants while doing so.  His ultimate goal is to keep the mildly evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz from gaining control and power over the tri-state area.

The second Major Monogram is Director of Operations for Peekawhoo, the master behind the machines, and wearer of really cute pants.  Her ultimate goal is to bring you the most adorable embroidered, monogrammed, and appliqued goods.  Please see below for evidence:

3 Marthas

This 3 Marthas hooded towel is one of the new ones we’ve just started carrying, with the name embroidered in the Blackboard font.  So cute!  This one went to Omaha!monogrammed icm bloomers

These New Icm bloomers are classics, and with the monogram in Interlock and Bubblegum pink, are particularly adorable. This Zutano gown with monogram in turquoise in the Sunny font is perfect for the mom who’s not wild about pink, but still wants something sweet and a little fun, too.  This gown is on its way to Charlotte!
3 Marthas bib with monogramOur 3 Marthas bib in green damask looks just right with the name in pink to match in the Blackboard font.  It’s the perfect gift…and this one is heading to Hilton Head, SC, today.
Angel Dear Blanket

These adorable Angel Dear Napping Blankets are now in Iowa and Illinois, hopefully making some sweet little babies really happy and cuddly!

Major Monogram made this cool letter applique with chevron for one of our local customers.

We’re busy working away here in the studio, turning the website over for spring and summer, embroidering Easter clothes and baskets, and as always, we enjoy seeing your creativity come through in your orders and ideas!  And if you missed Major Monogram’s post on what she does all day, you can read it here.  It’s funny and informative, all at once.

Stay tuned for  an upcoming contest you won’t want to miss, house updates, a birthday post, and general Peekawhoo goodness.

Thanks for checking in!

Monogram out.




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  • I adore this project idea (and not just bacsuee you chose Texas). I need to get the supplies and try it out for myself. Once I do, would you mind if I blog about it at and link back to your awesome instructions? Thank you for sharing!

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