New Year, New You! (Or at the very least…NEW FUN FONTS!!)

So back in October when I updated our Name Fonts, I mentioned that “next week I’ll be updating our Monogram Fonts!”

Next week obviously turned into NEXT YEAR, so…here we are.


It’s safe to say that November and December went by in a blur of Angel Dear Lovies and Jellycat Bunnies and Zutano gowns, mimosas and holiday cookies and fruitcake.  We hope that the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 has been all that you want it to be, and that your resolutions(if you make such things) are ones you can and will keep.  Or not.  After my New Year’s Day brunch, I resolved to eat less cheese, figuring that after January 1 and its egg casseroles and ham and cheese biscuits, I really couldn’t lose.

As for us at Peekawhoo, we resolve to keep bringing you new, high-quality products while still keeping your tried-and-true favorites in stock, and we promise to continue to be here for you for all of your custom adorable monogramming needs.  We also resolve to talk about Justin Timberlake less(maybe?) and discuss high-quality monogramming more.  And speaking of high-quality monograms, we will be rolling out our new Peekawhoo Gift Packages in the next few weeks, and these buying options will no doubt make your gift purchasing faster, funner(has this finally become a word since all 5 year-olds in all of history have used it?), and easy!

One way we’re resolving to stay current and fresh for y’all…NEW MONOGRAM FONTS!!

Without further ado, and as promised back in, ahem, October…

Monogrammed Baby Gifts


Monogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed Baby GiftsMonogrammed baby clothesJust as with the name fonts, we have added the “Let Peekawhoo Pick Font” option to all of the monogram drop-downs as well, so if you’re feeling indecisive or not in the mood to think about fonts, we will think about fonts for you, especially as it’s part and parcel of our 2014 resolution!

And while I have your ear…we are currently having a huge sale, featuring some of our favorite items…Magnolia Baby gowns and converters, Mint Snack Squares, and Jellycat Dogs, just to name a few!  Head over there and have a look, and stock up gifts for your gift closet!

Happy New Year friends, and thanks for checking in, as always!



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