Our Fave Local Blogger: A Q & A with Stephanie of Olive and Tate!

We recently learned that Stephanie of Olive and Tate LIVES IN OUR TOWN and we were SO EXCITED that we decided right away that we had to meet!  So many of the fantastic bloggers and influencers with whom we work live all over the country, and though we love this geographical diversity, we were also thrilled to know that Stephanie is right in our own backyard.  Literally.  Cheers to that! Cheers
Stephanie is candid, funny, forthright, thoughtful, and so very smart, and we love her AND her style!  In case you missed it, we recently collaborated with her to create The Olive and Tate Sprinkle Set and The Olive and Tate Baby Bundle, available now, adorable, and of course, offering the solution to all of your gift-giving needs!  She wrote a fun post(possibly with a code??) about this gift-giving sitch on her blog, and you should check it out…but only after you read her fun Q and A below…
Q: Hey! First off, why the name Olive and Tate?  We love it!
A: So, the name of my blog is one of my favorite things, thanks to the story behind it. I rebranded once my son, Gray, was born and really struggled to come up with a new name that was simple, fresh and didn’t limit me to a time or place. I’m not sure why I was so stumped because the new name was sitting right in front of me! When my son was an infant, he had a very oddly shaped head (and I say that with oh so much love!) and earned himself the nickname of “Potato Head”. Slowly but surely, the nick name morphed into “Tate” and, as a good nickname always does, stuck. “Olive” is often used as code for “I love you” so the name of my blog, Olive and Tate, roughly translate to “I love you, Gray”.Smooch
Q:  Give us the geographical highlights of your life.  Where you’ve lived, where you’ve traveled, where you’ve gotten your education on.
A. Oh man, my life has been all over the map, literally! I went to college at Elon University and moved to Charlotte just after graduating. I loved living the city girl life and called the Queen City home for 5 years. I met my now husband through mutual friends and followed him to Greenville, SC. We found out just two weeks before our wedding day that his work would take us to Northern Maine and we moved the day we came home from our Honeymoon. In the three years since we’ve lived in two hotels, one apartment, bought and sold two homes and tackled a renovation. We are now thrilled to be back in the Carolinas and to call Greenville home.Home
Q:  What is it about your blog that keeps your readers coming back?  In other words, toot your own horn a little.  Let’s hear it! 
A. I think my readers are hooked by my signature brand of crazed honesty. I can’t help but tell it like it is. I often share my actual pant size, have discussed my post-baby boobs more times than I can count (I once published and Ode to my pre-baby boobs) and never sugarcoat my motherhood experience. While my blog is probably considered a Mommy Blog to some, I really share my life as a person – not just a mom. I work, “forget” to make the bed and struggle to wrangle my hips into skinny jeans just like many of my readers do, mothers or not.Sweetbabyboy
Q:  Who are some of your style icons?  Think fashion, think home style, think art. 
A. Oh man, style icons! Mostly, I’m really proud of myself if I get dressed in the morning so I’m not sure that I should claim a style icon these days but I will say that my style in my wardrobe and home is always a blend of high-low. I love to mix and match a tee from Old Navy with a fabulous pair of shoes or to blend the dining room table that my husband made for me with a metallic cow hide rug. In my home you’ll find stunning art pieces from local artists mixed with “art” I created myself – I’m always game for mixing things up!Green with envy
Q:  Why do you think people love monograms so much here in the south?
A: Monograms are synonymous with the South and I have a theory as to why! In the South, we are proud of our family lineage and often honor that by naming our children with names deeply rooted in our family trees. My own middle name is my grandmother’s maiden name, my son is named after my husband, who was named after an ancestor and so on. A monogram is the perfect extension of that – showing off our family heritage proudly (on a perfect seersucker bubble, of course!). I can honestly remember the very first monogramed item that I received with my unborn son’s initials – seeing that sweet stitching made everything just feel so real, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Also, go ahead and file that under “You Know You’re A Southern Girl When…”Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 3.15.52 PM
Q:  If you could have one super power, what would it be?
A: If I could choose one super power, I think it would be the ability to make people feel confident in themselves. There is so much power in believing in your worth, in knowing how strong and capable you are and many of us never find that in ourselves. Having the ability to instill unwavering self confidence in others would be such a gift.Superpowers on pointStephanie, thank you for inspiring us with your honesty and your humor.  We love that you’re our neighbor, and we love to have a little bit of your fabulous fashion sense on our own site!  
Be sure to follow Stephanie on Instagram, too…all photos above are taken from her beautiful account(with her permission, of course!).

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