Personalized Jellycat Bunny…The Christmas Edition!

The holiday season is upon us, friends, and though I promise that we LOVE Thanksgiving and that it’s one of our favorite holidays, and that we’ll post some photos of pumpkins and turkeys and bunnies dressed like pumpkins and turkeys…we couldn’t WAIT to release these adorable Candy Cane Stripe Jellycat Bunnies!!!!!!


Personalized Jellycat Bunny with aqua thread in Penpal font

These are a special edition release just for the holidays, and we’re crazy about them.  We made this one for our favorite little fashionista, Mayhem, because we knew she’d love it! And who wouldn’t?  It has the same soft and sweet fur as the classic Jellycat bunny, but with the fun fabric striped ear!  We love the aqua thread pictured here, but these would look sooooo sweet in lime or apple green, too!

Though personally I am a totally last-minute type of gal-and believe me, I drive myself crazy-I know there are those of you out there that are likely  leaning back in your chair with a look of self-satisfaction on your face, dusting your hands clean of my situation because you’ve already finished your Christmas shopping.  I envy you people.  I do.

So this early bunny release is for all of you, really…the procrastinators and the early birds, because now is the sweet spot.  Those of you that are always ahead of the game can see this as a bonus, and those of you who wait until the 11th hour can see it as a bonus, too-and you can thank me later when you’re wondering what adorableness should be poking out of your child’s stocking.  Because THIS IS IT.

We’re close enough to Christmas that if you order it, you’ll remember why you did and you’ll be SO HAPPY YOU DID because they’re SO CUTE.  But if you wait, they may be gone.  And that would be no fun.

So run, don’t walk, to to order your personalized Jellycat holiday bunny today…and rest assured that you can check the perfect stocking stuffer off your list!



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