Personalized Little Giraffe…is love!

When my oldest was born 11 years ago, we received a host of wonderful gifts.  He was the first!  We were young! We needed ALLTHETHINGS!!!!!!

Then we had another one 18 months later, and he received some nice gifts, too.

Then we had another one 2 years later and people are like…you had another baby?

THEN we added this last one to the bunch almost 7 years after the last one and people are all…what?  Huh?  They’re not even thinking of gifts.  They’re thinking of sending over a whistle and a megaphone and some pads to put up on the walls.  And fair enough. 4boys

Back to when our first was born and to the point…my dad’s college roommate and his family sent him a gift made by Little Giraffe– a soft, silky, beautiful blue Little Giraffe satin blanket.  My husband’s best friend gave our son a Little Giraffe lovey-it was soft and plush and just the right size.  I was obsessed with both of these gifts, not only because I had a new baby that was the cutest thing in the whole wide world, but also because he was being showered with special things, and I loved them!  I can still look around their rooms and see vestiges of the gifts they were lovingly given as babies, in particular the handknit blankets from their grandmothers that they still sleep with, the personalized Angel Dear loveys that are still on their beds, and the Little Giraffe blanket and Little Giraffe lovey that the eldest received.

Little Giraffe is luxury-and personalized Little Giraffe is even more so.  It’s the kind of gift you want to give to someone special, and it’s definitely the kind of gift you want to receive.

personalized-little-giraffe-blanket.  little-giraffe-monogrammed-luxe-blanket little-giraffe-monogrammed-pillow little-giraffe-monogrammed little-giraffe-personalized little-giraffe-satin-pillows

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