Q and A with Artist Megan Carn!

megan-carn-elephantWe recently had the great pleasure of taking a painting class with Columbia artist Megan Carn at Marquin Campbell’s lovely studio, Vino and Van Gogh.  We’ve always admired Megan’s work, and when we heard she was coming through Greenville, we knew that taking her class would be a fun team building activity for the ladies of Peekawhoo. Megan-carn-print
Obviously there’s a reason why the four of us aren’t professional artists…but we really enjoyed Megan and the class so much nonetheless-not to mention we love her style!  Her bold colors and vibrant brush strokes drew us to her work, and we wondered…perhaps she’d like to collaborate with us??  Given that much of her work depicts animals, we knew that her rendering of a Jellycat bunny would be just perfect.   jellycat-bunny-printWe knew that Megan would capture the emotion, softness, and sweetness that these personalized Jellycat bunnies are known for, and we’re so happy with how these signed, limited edition prints turned out!  jellycat-bunny-print
We loved working with Megan, and since we’d only met her briefly, we thought it would be fun to find out more about her, her work, and her process.  Read below to learn more…
Peekawhoo: When-and why-did you start painting?
Megan Carn: I started painting and doing art formally during my sophomore year in college. At the time, I planned on graduating and going to graduate school for art therapy or play therapy of some type, so I thought some art cred would be great.
Peekawhoo: Who are some of your favorite artists and why? Do you have a favorite style or piece of art?
MC: So, so many. I love abstract work, and I think it is the hardest kind of art for me personally. I started there, and I love doing it, but it’s hard for me. Britt Bass, Sally King Benedict, Way Way Allen, Kate Waddell, Michelle Armas…. all with the same common vein of color running through. They- and some of my other favorites, have done some wonderfully colorful and fun modern work, and I love that. I’m also a huge fan of modern photography- Gray Malin for example- and vintage posters.
Peekawhoo: What memorable responses have you had to your work?
MC: So many. People react in vastly different ways. Some are amazed, others are so complementary.. and then some are pretty opposed to it. Comments I’ve heard include, “oh wow, but do you do normal art? Like realistic things?” “I’m sure it takes way more talent to do classic art- good for you though on catching the trends!” and “Gosh, I could do that. Can I take a picture so that my daughter and I can make one of these for our living room?” Crazy, crazy.
Peekawhoo: If you weren’t painting, what would you be doing now?
Likely event planning or non-profit or fundraising work. Those two fields are where the majority of my work experience lie! I like those things, but for now painting is great. I love the flexibility, I love painting, and I love working on things I really care about. It’s stressful to own a business and to take care of all of the aspects related to it– this I am sure you know– even as I type this the to-do list for this week is growing! But then again, my workload and stress level in my last job were huge as well. It’s a good trade-off, I think.
Peekawhoo: Anything else interesting you’d like to share with us?
MC: I’m currently planning a wedding in Charleston- our wedding, our dog is awesome, and I completed my taxes for the first time as a small business successfully this year. Those things I am thrilled with!
We’re thrilled for you, too, Megan, and know this next year will be an exciting one for you!
At Peekawhoo, we love supporting other women in business AND we love supporting artists, and Megan is both of those things in one colorful, fun, creative package!
Check out her signed bunny prints here…AND you can add a medium Jellycat bunny to your order and get both for just $50 with code ARTBUN!  Perfect for a nursery or for anyone who loves their bunny!

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