The Hunt for Red October(and Tupperware).

When I was pregnant with #3, I casually mentioned to my sister-in-law, Joy, that I was considering using cloth diapers.  The guilt of using disposable diapers with the first two nagged at my conscience, and after seeing our friends Caroline and Matt use cloth with their daughter, I figured I would give it a go.

When I revealed my plan to Joy, she turned to me and with the slightest bit of Jersey in her voice said “Absolutely not.  Are you kidding me?  You are terrible at laundry.  Out of the question.”

I laughed.  I still laugh, actually, when I think about it.  She totally called me out.  And I love that.  Joy embraces the earth mother in me-the avid recycling, making my own baby food, knitting gifts, hugging trees, etc.  But she also lovingly embraces my shortcomings, ie my heretofore documented suck-ness at doing laundry.  I think she knew that despite my best intentions, rather than my sweet baby wearing freshly laundered organic cloth diapers, I would instead guiltily swaddle baby 3 in generic disposable diapers from Costco.  And in addition to the mound of dirty clothes that typically accrues in the corner of my bedroom, there would also be a pile of unlaundered diapers, redolent of baby urine and poo.

A few years ago, I also went on a quest to rid my house of disposable plastics, primarily in the kitchen and in the form of plastic bags.  Making this a priority wouldn’t require doing any laundry, so I figured it was a can-do.   I bulked up my glass and Tupperware containers, bought a bunch of reusable grocery bags, and pledged only to use plastic bags when absolutely necessary.  There was a brief stint there during the great dishwasher outage that I bought plastic cutlery and paper bowls and plates; I apologized to Mother Earth, but still suffered guilt.

When we moved into the rental/pod, I packed away the plastic cutlery for future picnics, pared down the Tupperware, got rid of all of the mismatched tops and bottoms, and bought a few new pieces, which was a real domestic highlight.  Seriously.  Although I’ve never been to nor hosted a Tupperware party (and please don’t invite me because I had to swear off home shows), buying Tupperware speaks to Kelley 2012, the new and improved Kelley that will reemerge from this renovation chrysalis in a few months and totally be all the things that I’m not now, which is to say organized, neat, domestically motivated, and dust-free.  Even when I walk down the foil isle at the grocery store, I’m tempted by the little glass bowls with lids, the varying sizes and shapes of Ziploc containers, and I imagine how they’d look stacked neatly in my refrigerator.

But lately, whenever I go to pack a lunch, the cupboards are bare where the Tupperware is typically housed.  It didn’t take much of a hunt-merely stepping into the room that the Eldest and LP share- to figure out why.

Every time there’s a birthday or a holiday or a lemonade stand where they’ve made a little money and bought themselves a Lego, I’ll see the Eldest and LP kind of sleuth into the kitchen, open up the cabinet where all the containers are, and take out one or two.  And then they’ll come back a few minutes later, real sneaky-like, and take out one or two more.

I’m struck by a great irony as I write this post and look at the photos…I’ve tried to eliminate my house of disposable plastics and yet, every square inch of said house could likely be covered wall to wall with tiny plastic Legos.

Thankfully irony is my favorite literary device.

And now for an awkward segue back to diapers for a moment…tomorrow is the last day of the Three Marthas sale!  Three Marthas bibs, burp cloths (which look like cloth diapers, right?  It’s a stretch, I know), and hooded towels are all 20% off!  We’ll be reordering new patterns soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Happy Leap Year, everyone, and may it be BPA free!

P.S. The title is a little random, I know.  But it came to mind, and I saw that movie with my dad in the theaters in 1990 when it came out, and I like Sean Connery, and I had to hunt for Tupperware…so there you go.  Not that you need it spelled out for you, but this one was a bit of a stretch.


3 comments: On The Hunt for Red October(and Tupperware).

  • You will be happy to know that Legos are PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA free 🙂 I enjoy reading your blogs! The one where you tried on all those old clothes cracked me up! I told Chris he HAD to go and read that one.

  • Jenn, thanks! Good to know about the legos!
    And that post where I revealed the contents of my basement…a little horrifying, right? But also kinda funny that I. Still. Have. ALL. That. Stuff!!
    Hope you and all the babes are well!

  • Sory I missed all the excemetint this weekend! I was busy with my own hospitalization, but sounds like yours was way worse! I’m very sorry, and hope you’re feeling better soon. Also, I totally agree about the control thing: I was worried about it prior to surgery, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do a darn thing for several days, and would have to let Jim and the mothers handle all things house and baby related. And I am discovering that I DO NOT CARE. As long as it’s getting done, I am grateful, and it’s not really bothering me that it’s not done my way. Hey, we must be growing up! (Or we’re just too tired to care.)

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