What Do You Do All Day, Anyway?

It’s simple really, I monogram.  No, I’m not home, hanging out, lounging, eating thin mints, watching Downton Abbey.  Although, that show has kept me up late watching.  And I am obsessed.  And convinced I need a lady’s maid.  #downtonabbey #obsessed.  Twitter.  Also my new obsession.

We’ve had a 3 Martha’s sale, so we’ve been monogramming a lot of 3 Martha’s bibs, burp cloths, and hooded towels in the studio.  Lots of thread around here.  The colors make me happy for spring all year round!  Love.


 Anyone who is new to visit the studio is often surprised at the machines that we embroidery with.  They’re commercial, and huge, and sound like a helicopter about to take flight.  So, somewhat intimidating.  But, I’ve been sewing for years, and I don’t think about that anymore.  I had to take a 3-day class up in North Carolina just to learn how the crazy thing works.  I was probably the only “mom” in there.  Mostly men, which I found odd, were there for more commercial reasons than I.  I was there to learn how this thing runs a 3-letter monogram and a name in curlz font for my mom friends back in Greenville.  Ugh, and pu-lease do not call me a momtrepreneur.  I don’t and I hate that.  Gag.  I started a business and I’m a mom, end of story.

Day one was spent on the software side.  It was like college calculus and computer science all over again.   I hated both.  And she was soooooo bor-ing to listen to. Day two, she started again with more boring software things like vectors and steiling.  I still don’t know what the hell that is or is for.  Oh, and we threaded the machine.  I sew, so even not knowing how to thread this monster until she showed the class, I did it right the first time in less than 30 seconds.  Check.  By lunch on day three, we had not learned what I needed to know.  How to type in 3 letters or a name and get it from the computer to the machine to sew.  So, after three days of patience, I raised my hand when she asked for questions.  I said, “Yes, I just need to know how to embroidery 3 initials or a name before I leave here today.  Can you do that? Otherwise I’m screwed when I get home.  Thankyouverymuch.”  She was somewhat annoyed I wasn’t interested in her vectors and steiling, but that hasn’t helped me to this day.  And neither did her class.  I came home to this monster machine I was still wasn’t sure how to use.  But, a technician had to come out to the house to fix something that had broken during shipping.  Thank God.  He showed me in 20 minutes (not joking) everything I needed to know.  To this day, I use the same buttons.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Thankyouverymuch.

So, here’s what we do… in pictures.

Btw, those needles… move extremely fast when stitching.  And the hoop is moving while it’s sewing.  Lots of moving parts.   I was told that eventually I’d get my finger sewn through.  Crap.  For real?  And I did.  You usually keep your fingers out of the way, but I was having to hold something down that wasn’t laying right.  And when something gets in the way, like a finger, the machine comes to a grinding halt.  Like when you learned how to drive a stick shift for the first time.  Except louder.  And more painful.  It pinched real quick.  I said a few words…. Then I saw the broken needle.  But it wasn’t in the fabric or on the floor.  It was in my index finger.  {More words}  Luckily, I guess, it was right at the edge of my nail, on the side of my finger and not through my actual fingernail.  But, none the less, it was sticking out the top and came out the bottom.  Wouldn’t budge.  Had to get pliers to pull it thru.  Lawd, did that hurt.  I wrapped it in a band-aid and left for carpool with my then 3 year old to get to oldest from kindergarten.  Then took both to the doctor with me for a tetanus shot.  Good times.  And I haven’t done that since.


3Martha’s Burp Cloth order….

 Now, wouldn’t you love to get {or give} this little box on your porch with the big purple owl on the side?!
And that, is what I do all day.  When I’m not watching Downton Abbey.  And, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kelley!!  Tweet her and tell her Happy Birthday @Peekawhoo1 or tweet her your favorite 3 Martha’s Peek-a-whoo gift!
Happy Friday Y’all!



2 comments: On What Do You Do All Day, Anyway?

  • I don’t know if steve jobs would approve of u giving us a tour of your genius studi!
    Found this for you from you co-bday buddy 🙂
    “You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.”
    ? Dr. Seuss

    Xoxox s

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