X and a Horseshoe.

In case you’re not in the know and don’t receive The Eleusis, the Chi Omega magazine, Peekawhoo was recently featured in the summer edition!We’ve loved hearing from so many Chi Omegas across the country, and had an order come in today for an Angel Dear owl lovie for a one-year old “Chi O” in training-so cute!

Misty water-colored memories are lighting the corners of my mind as I write this(name that song!), but what I’m finding is that a lot of what I want to write about is either Top Secret Chi Omega Information(What Time Is It?), or is not fit for print(Hello, friends from college!), or will make me super-nostalgic (think weddings, initiations, ceremonies, etc.) or makes me feel awkward(bid day, among other events).

So what I will say is this: I was hesitant to join a sorority so long ago, back in 1994 when I was a ripe, naive, unstylish freshman at UNC.  I was still hesitant when I opened my bid card and showed up on the lawn with 200 other strangers during the aforementioned awkward bid day.

Then I met Missy and Porter and Ashley.  And later Sandra and Lane and Siri.  And after that Shannon and Jacey, Molly and Laura and Lisa and Kristi, Sally and Katy.  The list goes on and on an on, a list of women that are smart, funny, successful, kind, compassionate, supportive, fun, interesting, ambitious.  Women that have been there when I needed them, when I didn’t know I needed them, women who are on the other end of the line at any hour, in any occasion.

I never looked back after that, after I realized that I’d landed in a house full of awesomeness.  And I’m still thankful, to this day, for all of you ladies.

I’ll stop now before I bust into a full-on version of Shades, singing both melody and harmony…

Thanks for checking in, friends, and Hooty Hoot!



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