Zutano and Flap Happy-For a Happy Summer Baby.

What’s that?  You can’t see the GIANT photo below?  Scroll down then.  You’ll be able to see it then.Still working on the photo sizing, friends, so again, pardon the inconsistency.

I love this combination of orange and navy that one of our customers ordered this week!  Zutano offers so many options for mix and match, and since we’re going to market in Atlanta this weekend, we’re going to see if we can scout out a few more colors for yall to choose from.

I love this combination, too, on one of the sweetest babies ever…And this one, Zutano bloomers and tee, perfect for little baby girls…And this set too…It occurs to me as I’m looking at these Zutano sets that what I’d really like is for them to come in my size.  Elastic waistband, wide-leg pants in an array of colors paired with different colored tees…perfect.

Though I don’t think we’ll find Zutano in my size at market this weekend, I will be on the lookout for baby and toddler sized cuteness, so let us hear from you regarding what you’re hoping we’ll find!

Have a great Wednesday!


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