Zutano, Three Marthas, Angel Dear, Oh My!

Heather and I returned from market in Atlanta yesterday, where we got to see some sweet new Angel Dear lovies, checked out the latest fun Three Marthas patterns and designs, drooled over all the adorable Zutano prints and patterns, and got to meet the owner of Mint, a wholesaler of the most fun bags and blankets, among other things.

The Mint showroom was lovely and by far my favorite-bright and clean and big, with bursts of color everywhere, large bowls of gumballs, friendly folks willing to help, and cupcakes.  Delicious cupcakes.  Unfortunately, another vendor and his mother kept sauntering in and eating the cupcakes which were obviously intended for their customers, not for other vendors.  Which made me laugh but also made me cross; I hardly even know the women working in the showroom, but I liked them right away; they were friendly and not the least bit pretentious, and it was clear that they worked hard to create a space that was fun and welcoming for their customers, a space that included tiny cupcakes that likely cost upwards of $1.50 a pop.  So when the owner saw the man coming down the hallway and surreptitiously informed us of this recurring problem, my inherent sense of small-scale justice made me want to walk up to the tray of cupcakes, take one, look at him, and ask him which seersucker bag was his favorite and did he like the new corduroy line? And then casually mention the sign they had placed in front of the tray apparently just for him that read “Cupcakes are for CUSTOMERS ONLY.”

But I didn’t.  But in my mind I did, and I’m now the smart-mouthed hero of the Mint showroom. And also the owner’s new best friend.

When Heather and I were brainstorming ideas for Peekawhoo, one of the websites I read top to bottom was Mint’s-yes they have awesome products, but what I really love is that the owner is funny, smart, and connects with her customers in an authentic way through both her blog and her website.  So getting to meet her was really awesome and I’m sure I acted like a bit of a tween girl at a Justin Bieber concert, but whatever.

We strive to do the same thing at Peekawhoo- we pick the best products for you to personalize so you can give the best gifts ever and be everyone’s gift-giving hero, and we also strive to engage a community that values quality, personality, attention to detail, good style, friendly service, family, and creativity.  And when you have a question or concern or comment, rest assured that there’s actually a real human on the other end of the line.  Or email.  Or website, blog, or tweet.

So know that we’re here for you, we like you, we appreciate you, and we want you to be our new best friend.  You will likely be much, much cooler than I am, but if you can get over that we’ll get along just fine.

Oh…and stay tuned for new products coming soon!  We’re excited and think you will be too!


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