What Happens When Your Baby Starts Eating Solid Food?

Everyone says that, once you have a baby, everything changes. And that’s true! But what they rarely tell you is that it continues to change every couple of months after that. 

Babies grow up so quickly, moving from stage to stage of development faster than we would break in a new pair of shoes. Each stage brings new challenges and delights, as you watch your child grow from a helpless infant into a walking, talking, trouble-making little human!

One of the most challenging transitions for both baby and parent is moving to solid foods. Breastfeeding is something that creates a powerful bond between a mother and child. It’s a multiple-times daily ritual that can be painful and wonderful, fulfilling and draining all at the same time. When it comes time for your baby to transition off breastfeeding to solid foods, it’s easy to feel like you have lost something, a connection. And for the baby, well, they likely won’t like it at all! Solid food? What are they, a peasant? :p

This is why it’s important that you be fully equipped with everything you need come breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With the right equipment, including a bib and other dinner time essentials, you can help create a habit that will start them on the path of healthy eating for the rest of their life!

Burp Cloths

While some believe that burping your baby stops after you transition over to solid food, this might not be the case. The digestive system of babies develop at different rates, and just because they are now eating pureed carrots doesn’t mean they won’t still have too much air in their system after finishing.

If they’re already on solid foods, burping can become an even messier occasion as now you are dealing with (and I am sorry for using this word, but it’s necessary) “chunks.” This doubles down on the necessity of using burping cloths to make sure that your clothes remain free of stains and other occasional grossness.

Babies can’t help but burp, but you can prevent messes all over the back of your shirt using burp cloths. There are a lot of disposable burp cloths out there that are terrible for the planet. Instead, why not use these 100% organic cotton Apple Park birth cloths. They are 13×20′, making them the perfect size to sling over your shoulder pre-burping. They also come in four patterns and colors, allowing you to personalize it to your tastes (and don’t forget that you can also monogram them with baby’s initials!)

If you’re looking for something a little more “fun,” take a look at the 3 Marthas Burp Cloth Set. These 2-pack 100% cotton, 14.5×21′ burp cloths are a bit bigger, and come with fun patterns and designs. 

Eventually, your baby will transition out of burping, usually soon after they start eating solid food. It’s important that you pay attention to how they feel after they eat. If they are still gassy, then burping might occasionally be necessary.


Ok, let’s get this out of the way: Feeding your child solid food for the first time is going to be messy. They probably aren’t going to like it, and they will make their disapproval very, VERY clear. 

But as you continue to expose your child to solid food, they might start to look forward to it. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be less messy though. Your baby doesn’t really think in terms of “But I’m going to get my nice new shirt all gross!” Instead, they think, “Yay! Messes are fun! *Raspberry*!”

That’s why having sturdy bibs available is an outstanding idea to prevent pureed peas from ruining their clothes. Angel Dear Jacquard Bibs are 100% cotton and only get softer with every wash (of which there will be many). They are super lightweight and come in two different patterns, bunnies and elephants. 

Another option is 3 Marthas Medium Pique Bib. This 100% cotton bib is super absorbent and can be personalized with your baby’s name or monogram. If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, the 3 Marthas Toddler Bib might be perfect. It’s extra big and can be used for children as old as four years old. Just like the Medium Pique bib, it’s 100% cotton and comes with your choice of a pink or blue alligator or bunny. And, of course, it can be personalized, just like all of the other bibs available!


If you’re looking for a comprehensive eating solution, we also offer a few personalized gift sets that include both a burp cloth and bib!

First is the 3 Marthas Personalized Drooler Bib and Burp set with matching fabric and personalization options. And we also have the 3 Marthas Personalized Christmas Bib + Burp if you want an ideal holiday present, either for your own baby or someone else’s! 

When your child is transitioning over to solid foods, you can expect a lot of mess and complaining! That’s to be understood. After all, we’ve been eating solid food for decades, but this is their first time trying it! They aren’t yet used to the variety of flavors and textures that come with eating and drinking anything but breast milk. But with the help of these bibs, burp cloths, and some patience, your child will soon be looking forward to their next meal!

What were your experiences with transitioning your children to solid foods? Was there a mess? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Personalized Bags of All Shapes and Sizes!

One thing is universal for parents: you can never have enough room.

Kids and their “stuff” tends to fill up all the available space. If you buy an oversized toy box, chances are that it will be spilling over with toys in no time. Think that their dresser is big enough for all of their clothes? You might be investing in a second one before long as they grow bigger and bigger.

And don’t forget about portable storage! Whether it’s a backpack or a bag, you can almost always depend on them becoming overfull and then tearing, wearing down, or becoming unusable. This goes for both your kids’ backpacks and your own purse or handbags. That’s one of the reasons why you need to invest in quality. But not just any bag offers the quality you want. What if you could get sturdy, dependable bags for both you and your kids that were also super stylish and could be personalized with your initials? 

Well, that sounds like an outstanding reason to visit Peekawhoo and check out all of the fantastic types of bags we offer!

Bags for Kids

For kids, the best possible storage medium is a backpack. This leaves their hands free to run, play, and explore while also allowing them to carry everything from their school work to portable gaming systems to take to their friends’ houses. We have several different style options for your kids’ backpacks. For smaller kids, check out the Mint Seersucker Toddler Backpack and our Personalized Toddler Backpacks. For older kids who are heading to school, the best options are our Sweet Little Things Seersucker Medium Backpack and our Personalized Backpacks. All of these are beautiful and sturdy options as compared to the vast majority of disposable backpacks you’d find on most department store shelves. 

For school storage, we offer several fun options. Our Personalized Pencil Pouch is a step above cheap plastic-y models and features an easy-to-clean insulated lining. Our Personalized Lunch Boxes are made from sturdy polyester, are super easy to clean, and provide a perfect method of transport for food storage containers and a water bottle. You could also check out our Personalized Seersucker Gumdrop Lunch Boxes or our “Sweet Little Things” Lunch Box

If your kids are heading to a sleepover at a friend’s place or a weekend at the grandparents, they are going to need something for their clothes, toiletries, and other essentials. We highly recommend our Medium Mint Duffle to carry the big stuff and the Mint Traveler for their smaller things. While these are perfect for a baby or toddler, their timeless style actually makes them ideal for kids of all ages. Or even adults! And if you need both, we sell them in a handy bundle!

Finally, absolutely everything can be monogrammed with your kids’ initials or first name, ensuring that if they are ever lost, they will likely be found soon after. Plus, having their name or initials on their bags will give them a sense of ownership that many kids lack about their belongings. 

Bags for Mom

Remember pre-kids when you could simply take a small handbag out with you? Boy, are those times long past!

Part of the reality of having children is that they come with a lot of accessories. If you have a baby, then you’re going to need spare diapers, wipes, toys, tissues, and much much more. If you have a toddler, you might want to bring along a toy or two to keep them occupied. On top of that, you probably need your phone, tablet, makeup, keys, wallet, and everything else that you would normally have with you on your day-to-day. A purse simply isn’t going to cut it. You need something equally stylish but has a little bit more room in it for all of a modern mom’s essentials. 

For larger bags, you might want to check out our WB Summer Tote Bag or our Large Weekender Bag. With these, you will have all the portable storage room you want with eye-catching designs! Inside these large bags, you might want to throw our Monogrammed Cosmetic Bags, available in many different colors and styles. If you have lunch on-the-go with your kids, you can take a “lunch box” of your very own with our Monogrammed Cooler Bag. And if you have any random bits and pieces that you want to keep together, take a look at our super-cool Burlap Zip Pouch!

But what about if you want to take some time off for yourself and do something fun, like playing a game of tennis? Our Monogrammed Tennis Racquet Backpack has more than enough room for your racket, plus room for a change of clothes and other bits and pieces. It’s made from heavy-duty canvas in vivid colors, so it’s as stylish as it is functional. And best of all, you can get it monogrammed with your initials, so if you accidentally leave it at the club, they will know whose it is and hold onto for you until you can return to pick it up!

What kind of travel bags do you use? Are you always strapped for space? What about your kids? Do they love their backpack? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

How to Outfit Your Child for a Dip in the Water!

Does your toddler love to splash around in the water?

Just a few weeks ago, we talked about how bath time can be a massive point of contention for children. Some love them; some don’t. So, it’s kind of funny that there is rarely that sort of “debate” about kids going to the pool!

Whether you are heading to a community pool or you’re checking out the hotel pool on a trip, children of all ages absolutely love to go for a dip! Depending on their age, you might need to restrict them to the kiddie pool or be with them at all times. If you have an older child around 5 to 6 years old, they might even enjoy going to swimming lessons. Regardless of the situation, heading to the pool is usually a great time! 

But if you want to make sure that the maximum possible amount of fun is had, your children need to be appropriately outfitted. There are some genuinely hideous swim trunks and swimsuits out there, so make sure you buy some pairs that your kids will love! And if you want to make them extra special, get them monogrammed!

Bathing Suits

For girls, we have two different swimsuits, depending on their tastes. The first is our Monogrammed Pom Pom Swimsuit. This has a fun seashell-like pattern that we call “Mer-mazing!” The swim top strap criss-crosses in the back with a slightly flared bottom. There are also ruffle accents! If that isn’t to their tastes, you could also check out our WB Monogrammed Girls Swimsuit. These come in two patterns, perp stripe (black and white horizontal lines) and summer paisley (colorful shapes and swirls). The top of those swimsuit doesn’t have the same flare as the Pom Pom, but there are still the accents on the bottoms!

Both swimsuits are available in small (2T-3T), medium (4T-5T), and large (6-6x), and are 82% nylon and 18% spandex with a polyester liner. If you really want to give them ownership of their swimsuit, we highly suggest getting an embroidered name or monogram on it (Camp Monogram or Tipsy Font are outstanding picks)!

If you have a boy, you’re going to want to take a look at our Boys Monogrammed Swim Trunks. They come in two potential patterns: Oh Buoy (covered in buoys! Get it!?) and Finn (lots of little blue fish). With these trunks, a faux drawstring ties in the front to guarantee an excellent fit. This also means that you will never have to go hunting in the trunks for a lost drawstring that got pulled too far out on one side. 

These swim trunks are made from 100% polyester with a polymesh lining. They come in small, medium, and large, and, of course, can be monogrammed with initials or the name of your child, giving them ownership over the trunks! We would recommend Stacked Monogram or Tipsy font for the boys.

Time to Dry Off!

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and that includes pool time. When they get out, you want to get them dry as soon as possible so they won’t get chilly. 

To do this, why not check out our Kids Monogrammed Hooded Swim Towels! These personalized hooded towels are perfect for the beach, pool, or anywhere you go for a swim. Made from 100% cotton, they also match the patterns of one of the trunks (Oh Buoy) and one of the swimsuits (Mer-mazing). Just like the bathing suits, they can be monogrammed with your child’s name or initials. The towels measure at 30″ H x 50″ W. Hood 11.5″ H with a 10.5″ depth.

Going for a swim is one of childhood’s great joys. It gives kids a sense of freedom and fun. And heck, who doesn’t love doing a cannonball into the pool, regardless of their age? To make sure that your children really make a slash, Peekawhoo’s bathing suits and towels are the perfect pool-side clothing and accessories!

So, do your kids love swimming? Or are they still a little shy of the water? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

The Importance of Personalized Gifts for Kids

How often do your kids lose things?

Now, I’m not playing the blame game here! Kids, on the whole, don’t lose their belongings much more frequently than adults. You can just look at stories about lost iPhones to know that’s true! You get on a plane, you’re desperate to get off when you land, and you accidentally leave your good pair of headphones sitting in the seat. It happens, and it happens to kids too.

However, there are some very simple things that you can do to mitigate the forgetfulness of your children. With just a little preparation, you can make sure that the vast majority of things that your kids lose will hopefully be returned to you! 

Give Them a Sense of Ownership

Being a kid is tough for so many reasons. While they might have many possessions, the vast majority of them are bought by you, their parents.

And that’s totally fine! How else are they supposed to get clothes, toys, and school supplies? The problem is that, while the child might say these items are “theirs,” there is often no sense of ownership or personalization. These are items they use on a daily basis, but it isn’t like their name is on it, right?

But something special happens when a child gets something personalized for them. No longer is it just a random item that they use. Instead, it is absolutely 100% theirs. When a child has this sense of full ownership, they are often much, much more mindful about the potential of losing that treasured possession.

So, how can you foster these feelings of ownership?

Embroidery & Monograms

When you watch old movies, monogrammed handkerchiefs were always the height of fashion and class. And, to be honest, the same is true today!

If you want your child to feel the pride of ownership, then put their name on it. I’m not talking about in semi-permanent marker that can be worn off over time. I mean, you get it embroidered, just like those old monogrammed handkerchiefs!

At Peek-a-Whoo, you can get almost every single item we sell monogrammed with your child’s first name or initials. 

Having a monogrammed piece of clothing, backpack, or stuffed toy won’t just give them a sense of ownership either. It will also allow their beloved item to find its way back to them if it’s ever lost in a known place.

For example, let’s say that they forget their backpack at school one day. Well, one look at the name or initials on it will tell the teacher exactly who it belongs to, and they can get it back the next day. The same thing if a favorite stuffed bunny is left at a friend’s house. A simple and elegant monogram can make sure that they will soon be reunited with their belongings!

Make It Beautiful

Another reason why monogramming items can be a great idea is that they can be beautiful. With Peek-a-Whoo, we aren’t just quickly darning the initials into the fabric. Instead, we offer high-quality monograms in your choice of font. 

For example, check out these available monogram fonts. They range from professional to fun to silly to stylish. And don’t think that we forget about the fonts we use for names. Here, you can examples of the full style of font we use for our names (both capitals and lowercase).

One Step Above That

While we would not recommend putting your child’s full name on their belongings, as that could give people information that you don’t want them to have, we could highly suggest slipping one of your business cards into backpacks or bags. That way, the person who finds it will have a number they can call to return the item. 

So, when you’re looking for a stuffed toy, a backpack, or even clothes, monogramming them with your child’s name or initials is the way to go! We invite you to explore our entire site to see what’s available, along with our recommended fonts to go with each item. Everything we offer can make fabulous gifts for the upcoming holiday season! And just think how excited your kids will be when they get the perfect gift that even has their name embroidered on it! 

Do you already put your children’s names on all of their belongings? What method do you use? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

My Favorite Things: Halloween Tiered-Rack Edition

Do you like to trick out your home with all of the trappings of the season? If so, then you might have some tiered-racks in your home!

If you’re one of those people who envies seeing meticulously-staged, tiered-rack Instagram photos like I do, then this is the blog post for you! When I look at the pitiful tiered-racks in my home, I often dream about them looking way more festive for the season. And this season is the favorite of kids everywhere: Halloween!

Thankfully, your (and mine) tiered-racks don’t need to remain bare and boring. Instead, you can use Etsy to find some seasonal decoration that will embody the spooky spirit of Halloween!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds for tiered-rack decor:

Faux Shiplap Halloween Sign from TrishaAnnsCreations

TrishaAnnsCreations has a variety of seasonal decorations that are perfect for tiered-racks, but with Halloween on the horizon, her current offerings all have an adorably spooky vibe.

For example, these little Faux Shiplap Halloween Signs immediately caught my eye as the perfect addition to a Halloween-themed tiered-rack! They’re available with the “31” painted orange or black. They are 4.5″, the perfect size for your display. Don’t you just love the adorable spider detail on them?

Witches Brew Felt Pom Bunting from TheHonakerHomeMaker

Bunting is a traditional seasonal form of decoration, but it takes a real eye to come up with a perfect balance of strung-along items. Thankfully, TheHonakerHomeMaker is a master!

As you can see, this Witches Brew Felt Pom Bunting is perfect for the scary holidays, but what really makes it is the addition of the cute spider! Taking up much more room than the other ones, it almost looks like he has caught everything else in his web! I guess even spiders love decorating their homes for Halloween!

Felt Monster Eyeballs from shopcherrysprinkles

When you were a kid, did you ever do the Halloween game where you got blindfolded and someone stuck your hand into a bowl of unpeeled grapes? Ew, eyeballs! Well, you’re unlikely to make that mistake with these creepy/cute felt eyeballs from shopcherrysprinkles!

These eyeballs are made from 100% wool and are the perfect accessory for your tiered-rack for Halloween. Where you want to use them to create your own seasonal garland or simply leave a bowl of them sitting there, they’re a wonderfully chilling addition to your tiered-rack. Even better, you can mix and match eye colors!

Letterboard Halloween Icon Pack by Honeycomb Heights

Letterboards are one of the most versatile additions you can make to your tiered-racks. Whenever you want, you can create brand-new messages and collages on them to spice things up and add a little variety to your décor. So, why not add a little Halloween pizazz to your letterboards, thanks to Honeycomb Heights! 

This Halloween Letterboard Icon Pack is made of durable plastic and available in a variety of colors and shapes, including witches, jack o’lanterns, ghosts, and bats. When used on your letterboard, these fun Halloween icons are sure to be a hit!Oh, and just in case you don’t have a mini-letterboard, you can find one here.

Pumpkin Coffee Mugs by ChickenCoopGifts

When the days start to get shorter and colder, nothing can warm them up like a nice cup of coffee. And if you’re feeling particularly festive about Halloween, I suggest making sure that your coffee mugs have some of the décor of the season!

These Pumpkin Coffee Mugs by ChickenCoopGifts are lovely, coming in two different Halloween colors. More importantly, they can pull double duty. If you buy two of them, one can be sitting on your Halloween tiered-rack and another can be in your kitchen, keeping you awake with a steady supply of hot joe!

Mini Pumpkins by DroppinStitchesCo

Around this time of year, whenever you drive up to a big grocery store, you tend to see hundreds of pumpkins out front in tons of different colors. It’s one of my favorite parts of fall!

Well, if you have a tiered-rack, you can have that feeling every time you come home with these Mini Pumpkins by DroppinStichesCo! They are the perfect last piece of the puzzle for your Halloween tiered-rack. If you have a gap anywhere, stick in a mini pumpkin!

With this list of some of my favorite Halloween things I’ve seen on Etsy, I know that my tiered-rack this season is going to reflect the spooky spirit of the season perfectly!

If your kids love Halloween as much as I do, then guarantee that they will have a fun-filled trick-or-treating with Peekawhoo’s Personalized Halloween Tote Bags. They come in a variety of fun and bright colors, helping your children be visible to oncoming traffic on a dark Halloween night. And they can hold a TON of candy!

What kind of Halloween decorations do you have on your tiered-rack this season? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

Make It a Safe Halloween for Your Kids

Many people think that the winter holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But if you’re a kid and love dressing up, chances are that Halloween takes the crown!

Halloween has something for everyone! If your kids love pretending, then they get to put on a fun costume and run around the neighborhood. If they love candy (and what kid doesn’t?), then they get to knock on strangers’ doors and ask for treats! It’s a super fun time!

That said, there are also some dangers associated with Halloween. If you want to make sure that your kids will be protected this upcoming October 31th, check out some of these Halloween Safety Tips:

Avoid Fully Black or Dark Costumes

Halloween tends to be associated with dark colors. We think about scary witches and black cats as fantastic costumes, but here is the problem: no one can see those colors in the dark.

One of the biggest Halloween safety tips you can put into action with your kids is to help them pick a costume that can be seen by cars or other passers-by at night. If they’re dressed in a witch costume, there isn’t likely to be a lot of light reflected from cars that will tell them your little one is crossing the street. 

That said, they can still go out as a witch or a black cat; the costumes only need a little bit of adjusting. You can quickly put reflective strips on their back and around their arm and leg cuffs. These won’t spoil the effect of the costume, but it will allow people to see them from far off.

Another way you can make them seen is by making sure their Halloween bags include bright colors. When designing our Personalized Halloween Tote Bags, we made sure that all of them included at least one large patch of bright, light-reflective color. Check out our Frankenstein Halloween Tote Bag. It’s instantly identifiable in a bright green color that people can’t help but see! Our Witch Tote Bags are actually white, making them impossible to miss. Even our “Black Cat” Halloween Tote Bag includes a bright orange section and green eyes that can easily be seen. These tote bags are another way you can augment traditionally dark costumes in a way that is thematically-appropriate, while also making sure that no one will be able to miss your kid in the dark.

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Planning makes perfect, especially when it comes to a logistically-packed holiday like Halloween!

You want to hit as many houses as possible in the shortest amount of time. After all, you don’t want the kids to be out past their bedtime (or at least not TOO far past it!) One of the best ways you can do this is by utilizing Google Maps (or whichever mapping app you use) to plan yourself a Halloween route that will get you around the neighborhood in an efficient manner.

It’s important to remember your kid’s age here. Little ones might not have the energy to do much more than a block or two, while pre-teens might have enough energy to do half the town. If people get tired, you don’t have to strictly stick to your plan. If your kids (or you) start to get tired, you can always head home with your sacks full of candy. 

And don’t feel that you need to force your kids to enjoy Halloween. Some kids simply don’t much care to knock on strangers’ doors to ask for candy. If they aren’t enjoying themselves, don’t force them to stay out. Instead, abandon the plan and head home. I’m sure there is plenty of leftover candy there for them that can be found there!

Make Sure You Can Track Them

If this is one of the first Halloweens that your child is doing on their own, you’re going to be a nervous wreck. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Being a nervous wreck is just part and parcel of being a parent.

To calm your nerves a bit, you can do something that will help give you peace of mind on a night where your kids are knocking on the door of every stranger from blocks around. If they have a smartphone (and they should if they are heading out on their own), then you should have tracking features turned on. You can find these features in the “Family Link” app on Android and the “Find My” app on iPhones.

Now, there are some parents who feel that tracking features intrude on their kids’ privacy, and there is some truth to that. But there are occasions when turning on family tracking is justified, and Halloween is such a holiday. Make sure that the feature is activated on your and their phones. Then, at any point in the evening, you can see where they are located at a glance. This can give you peace of mind that they’re safe and not heading into an unknown or unsafe area. 

They should also have instructions to text or call you on their phone at periodic intervals, just to check in with how things are going. If they miss this check-in (Halloween can be fun and overwhelming, after all), don’t feel shy about interrupting their night by calling them. You don’t need to get angry with them for missing their check-in, but be sure to remind them that it’s a condition of them heading out in the future. 

Aren’t smartphones great (sometimes)?

These are just a few of the ways that you can ensure your kids have a fun and safe Halloween. If you’d like to check out some other ways you can enhance the holiday, we invite you to take a look around the Halloween section of our website! There are tons of great Personalized Halloween Tote Bags that could make your kids’ costumes even better. And don’t forget to take a look around the rest of the site for some great tote bags you could carry full of candy as you walk alongside them this Halloween!

What are some of your favorite Halloween safety tips? Please share them in the comments below!

Halloween Costume Ideas and Matching Candy Bags!

If there is one thing that any child loves doing, it’s dressing up!

Get a kid a costume, and you are basically guaranteeing a good time. Whether it be a princess outfit, an animal, or some pieces from your jewelry collection, there is something about costumes that makes it even more fun to pretend! And when it comes to dressing up, no holiday is more fun than Halloween

Halloween isn’t just about getting a massive amount of free candy (although that’s certainly a fringe benefit). It’s also a fun occasion for kids to look forward to! Making plans a few weeks ahead of time for a costume can build up their anticipation and make the holiday even more exciting! Here are a few ideas for super-fun Halloween costumes (inspired by Peekawhoo tote bags)!

Personalized Halloween Tote Bags

Part of the fun of Halloween is coordinating costumes. If your little one is going as a Frankenstein monster, chances are that they won’t want to take a reusable grocery bag to carry candy. It would ruin the entire effect! 

Instead, you can customize their candy bag to their costume. All of our Halloween Tote Bags are made from durable polyester, and at 12x5x12, they will be able to handle however much candy ends up inside them. And they also come in a ton of fun styles and colors.

For example, that Frankenstein costume would be a perfect match with our adorably “scary” Frankenstein Tote Bag! If you have a little kitten prowling the streets looking for candy, then our Cat Tote Bag would be the perfect match! If they want to go as a witch, then our Witch Hat Canvas Tote Bag will perfectly complete the ensemble!

Oh, and while Halloween and Easter are pretty far apart (although they both involve an awful lot of candy), a bunny Halloween costume might be a fantastic idea. And that costume would perfectly match with their Easter Bunny Basket from earlier in the year!

Backpage for Candy Storage

But what if your child doesn’t want to carry around a tote bag all night? No problem at all, because we have several Back to School Backpacks that will likely match their costume, no problem.

Let’s say that you have a little airplane pilot wanting to take off into the neighborhood? Then our Take Flight backpack would be the perfect complement to their costume. If your child is going as some kind of green reptile or monster, then our Later Gator backpack will match the color and give them an easy way to transport all of their candy. And if their costume theme doesn’t match any of the backpack patterns? Then why not go with a classic Black backpack that will basically become invisible, not clashing at all with their costume.

The best part about buying a Back to School backpack is that it serves double duty. They can take it out on Halloween, and then take it to school in the morning! Our backpacks are made from sturdy polyester and are 12x 5×17, more than large enough for the candy haul!

Bags for You (To Carry ALL of the Candy)

Here is the thing about children. When they are excited, it’s nothing but overflowing energy that you never think will run out. But when they started to get tired, boy, they crash FAST! And if you are out with your child, enjoying Halloween, they probably don’t want the fun to end. And one surefire way that it will end is if they get tired of carrying a gigantic bag full of candy.

The best way to make sure Halloween lasts a little longer (and you get a bit more candy in their haul) is to take along a bag of your own and dump the candy from theirs into it at periodic intervals. 

Unless you are planning on having an all-night neighborhood candy crawl, you aren’t going to need something as big as a garbage bag. Instead, why not choose one of our WB Summer Tote Bags. They are surprisingly large at 13×5.25×14, perfect for all of the spillover candy that your child will be collecting. You have your choice between a parker paisley or posie color and, like the vast majority of our offerings, you can have it personalized with your name, monogram, or first initial. This bag will ensure that your child gets all of the candy they want, without having to haul around an old, heavy pillowcase-sized bag!

If you want something a little more neutral (if you are planning on going in costume yourself), then we could recommend our Monogrammed Large Weekender Bag. It’s a bit bigger than the tote bag (more room for candy) and is neutral enough to blend in with just about any costume you can think of!

And don’t forget, we also have some less flashy Halloween Tote Bags, including in Stripes and Orange Dots.

If you’d like to see everything that we have to offer for a fun and stylish Halloween adventure, we invite you to take a look around the website! You might come up with some Halloween costume ideas that we haven’t even dreamed of! 

Do you love Halloween? What was your favorite costume as a kid? Please share your thoughts with our community!