Back to School Essentials with a Personal Touch!

Busy families know that summer is full of loads of fun and lots of laughs! But just as quick as you can scream ‘Marco Polo,’ it’s already time to pack up those pool noodles, goggles, and floaties for back-to-school prep! 

Whether you’ve got a new kindergartener (we’re not crying, you’re crying!) or have a tween heading to middle school, you’ll want to get your kiddos on track for a year of success. 

School essentials don’t have to be boring! Add a personal touch to your kids’ day-to-day gear with some of our back to school necessities.

Lunchtime Favs

Pack ‘em full of nutritious goodies, sneak in a lovely note (and maybe a sweet treat, too!), and leave your child’s lunchbox by the door for easy access. What you’ll love most about Peekawhoo lunchboxes is that you can personalize the design with your child’s name or initials, so you never have to hear about a lost lunch again. 

From Viv & Lou’s green gators to oh-so-adorable paisley print, these lunch accessories are downright vibrant and will never get left behind!

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Tidy Tools

Markers, crayons, colored pencils, erasers—you name it—pencil holders help your scholar stay organized. Made with sturdy polyester and easy to clean insulated lining, these pencil holders are especially nifty for art class! 

Go wild with the print and add simple initials to give a pop of color to your kiddos’ school day. 

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Backpacks in Style

Your middle schooler is going to need lots of room for textbooks and binders. Help ease the load with our personalized backpacks! The Viv & Lou backpacks have three main compartments, multiple pockets, and an exterior elastic pocket for water bottles, providing everything your student needs for a successful day.  

With endless varieties for personalization, your growing kid can show off their individual style with this everyday essential. 

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Toddler Essentials

We would never forget about your tiny tots, no way! Our Viv & Lou toddler backpacks are perfect for daycare or preschool. Super soft straps are reinforced to ensure your child is comfortable after a long day of playing and learning. 

Our little shoppers especially love customizing the puppy dog ear backpack! 

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Keep it Classic

Looking for simple, classic prints that will go with just about any outfit—especially those neutral-toned school uniforms? You’re going to love the Mint collection! 

Who doesn’t adore seersucker!? The Mint collection of back-to-school essentials is bright & fun yet timeless to ensure your kids will want to use these pieces for years to come. 

With small and medium-sized backpacks to fit your child at any age, plus two types of lunch boxes, your student will be eager to show up on the playground on the first day of school! 

Spot any gear you love? Start customizing today! Personalized pieces with monograms, initials, and even names are details that make a big difference. Happy back-to-school!

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