The Importance of Personalized Gifts for Kids

How often do your kids lose things?

Now, I’m not playing the blame game here! Kids, on the whole, don’t lose their belongings much more frequently than adults. You can just look at stories about lost iPhones to know that’s true! You get on a plane, you’re desperate to get off when you land, and you accidentally leave your good pair of headphones sitting in the seat. It happens, and it happens to kids too.

However, there are some very simple things that you can do to mitigate the forgetfulness of your children. With just a little preparation, you can make sure that the vast majority of things that your kids lose will hopefully be returned to you! 

Give Them a Sense of Ownership

Being a kid is tough for so many reasons. While they might have many possessions, the vast majority of them are bought by you, their parents.

And that’s totally fine! How else are they supposed to get clothes, toys, and school supplies? The problem is that, while the child might say these items are “theirs,” there is often no sense of ownership or personalization. These are items they use on a daily basis, but it isn’t like their name is on it, right?

But something special happens when a child gets something personalized for them. No longer is it just a random item that they use. Instead, it is absolutely 100% theirs. When a child has this sense of full ownership, they are often much, much more mindful about the potential of losing that treasured possession.

So, how can you foster these feelings of ownership?

Embroidery & Monograms

When you watch old movies, monogrammed handkerchiefs were always the height of fashion and class. And, to be honest, the same is true today!

If you want your child to feel the pride of ownership, then put their name on it. I’m not talking about in semi-permanent marker that can be worn off over time. I mean, you get it embroidered, just like those old monogrammed handkerchiefs!

At Peek-a-Whoo, you can get almost every single item we sell monogrammed with your child’s first name or initials. 

Having a monogrammed piece of clothing, backpack, or stuffed toy won’t just give them a sense of ownership either. It will also allow their beloved item to find its way back to them if it’s ever lost in a known place.

For example, let’s say that they forget their backpack at school one day. Well, one look at the name or initials on it will tell the teacher exactly who it belongs to, and they can get it back the next day. The same thing if a favorite stuffed bunny is left at a friend’s house. A simple and elegant monogram can make sure that they will soon be reunited with their belongings!

Make It Beautiful

Another reason why monogramming items can be a great idea is that they can be beautiful. With Peek-a-Whoo, we aren’t just quickly darning the initials into the fabric. Instead, we offer high-quality monograms in your choice of font. 

For example, check out these available monogram fonts. They range from professional to fun to silly to stylish. And don’t think that we forget about the fonts we use for names. Here, you can examples of the full style of font we use for our names (both capitals and lowercase).

One Step Above That

While we would not recommend putting your child’s full name on their belongings, as that could give people information that you don’t want them to have, we could highly suggest slipping one of your business cards into backpacks or bags. That way, the person who finds it will have a number they can call to return the item. 

So, when you’re looking for a stuffed toy, a backpack, or even clothes, monogramming them with your child’s name or initials is the way to go! We invite you to explore our entire site to see what’s available, along with our recommended fonts to go with each item. Everything we offer can make fabulous gifts for the upcoming holiday season! And just think how excited your kids will be when they get the perfect gift that even has their name embroidered on it! 

Do you already put your children’s names on all of their belongings? What method do you use? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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