Non-Toxic Toys & Tools to Help Soothe Teething Babies

No matter how old they get, as a parent, nothing hurts more than seeing your baby in pain. And once your little one hits the uncomfortable teething stage, it can feel impossible to help soothe and relieve their discomfort!

No need to reach for scary over-the-counter pain remedies where you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients or plastic teething toys that can leach harmful chemicals into your growing baby’s system, we’ve got the goodies you need right here. 

Are you on the hunt for all-natural, non-toxic products that work wonders for fussy, teething babies and their growing bodies? You’re in the right place! 

Do you know Sophie the Giraffe? 

Sophie the Giraffe is an adorable, oh-so-soft character that will quickly become your baby’s go-to toy! She’s made of 100% natural rubber and is dyed with food paint. That means parents like you can kick back worry-free while their babies gnaw, chew, and teeth on Sophie the Giraffe’s super squishy ears, legs, and horns! 

What started as one cute and friendly giraffe has now transformed into a collection designed to fit your growing family’s needs. 

Which Sophie the Giraffe product is right for you? 

  • The Original Sophie la girafe

The Original Sophie la girafe was designed and created in France over 54 years ago, and it has been loved ever since! 

The dark, contrasting spots all over Sophie la girafe’s body provide visual stimulation and make her easily recognizable to your baby. Her squeaker keeps baby amused while stimulating hearing and helping create an understanding between cause and effect.

Sophie la girafe is perfect for baby’s small hands. With her light body and long legs & neck, she’s easy to grip—from home to the park and back again! 

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  •  So’Pure Sophie the Giraffe Teether

The So’Pure Sophie the Giraffe Teether is the perfect toy for families on-the-go. The two rings have different textured surfaces for baby to choose from according to their age and needs. The rings also make it easy to attach Sophie the Giraffe to a stroller or car seat, so she doesn’t tumble away while baby plays.

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  • So’Pure Colo’ring Teether
    Catch baby’s eye with the So’Pure Colo’ring Teether! It comes with four geometrical and colorful shapes to encourage little ones to slide the pieces around the main ring. With numerous soft parts to chew and a variety of textures, babies can enjoy different massages while relieving sore gums. 

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  • So’Pure Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toy

Splish, splash Sophie the Giraffe is taking a bath! The So’Pure Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toy makes bath time soothing and fun. This toy floats and is totally water-safe. You don’t have to ever worry about water, mold, or bacteria getting inside!

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Teething happens!

If you’re looking for a functional yet stylish piece that will help you soothe your baby’s aching gums, you’re going to want to snag an Itzy Ritzy Chewable Necklace!

Made with non-toxic, 100% food-grade silicone and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium, if your kiddo is going to yank on your necklace, let it be this one! 

With a breakaway plastic clasp and individual knots between beads for added safety, this dishwasher safe piece is an absolute essential for trendy mamas on-the-go! 

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Keep Calm, Gel On! 

If your tiny tot is really going through it, relieve their discomfort with a soothing formula of chamomile and calendula oil! Jack N’ Jill Teething Gel provides natural relief for babies using some of our planet’s purest botanicals. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary gunk or harmful chemicals, just honest to goodness ingredients that will help soothe your teething baby! 

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We want to help you make every stage of parenting a blast—whether your kiddo has a gummy smile or is ready to enter their freshman year of high school! We’d love to know, what are you favorite non-toxic toys & tools to use to help soothe your teething baby?

Kids Tooth Care That’s Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Non-Toxic!

How do you get your kids excited about oral care? You’ve got to put FUN in every single brush! From flossing to gargling kid-safe mouthwash, instill your little ones with healthy habits to keep their pearly whites shining from ear to ear. 

That said, stellar oral hygiene is about more than bright teeth. Our teeth are our bodies first line of defense against yucky bacteria, harmful disease, and poor digestion! 

Let’s help our kiddos care for their chompers by using eco-friendly, non-toxic products that make oral hygiene a breeze. 

Toothbrush Time

Once your children’s teeth start to come in, it’s time to start brushing. The easiest way to get your children excited about their morning and evening toothbrushing session is by letting them pick their favorite brush!

Say ‘bye-bye’ to single-use plastic with Jack N’ Jill’s Bio Toothbrushes! These toothbrushes are specially designed with little paws in mind. Made from 100% non-GMO cornstarch, these toothbrushes are PVC & BPA free—totally biodegradable.

With extra soft nylon bristles, a small head size, and four adorable characters for your little one to choose from, finding the ultimate kid & mom-approved toothbrush just got a whole lot easier! 

Toothpaste that’s Tasty

When picking a toothpaste for your kids, you’re usually left with two options. Either you have to buy a ‘regular’ toothpaste that’s packed with fluoride and other whitening agents, plus a flavor that’s far too harsh or you have to grab a kids’ toothpaste that’s packed with artificial dyes. Yikes!

What if you could find a toothpaste that looks fun, tastes good, and isn’t filled with harmful additives, dyes, and chemicals? 

Whether you have a six-month-old or a six-year-old…and beyond, Jack N’ Jill’s hypoallergenic kids toothpaste is flavored with organic fruit extract, packed with organic calendula oil to sooth young gums, and is safe if swallowed. What more could you ask for? 

Free from fluoride, color, and SLS, your kids will love choosing between banana, strawberry, and blueberry flavors!  

Rinse & Repeat

Tired of tacky plastic cups cluttering your sink area? Jack N’ Jill’s Bio Rinse Cups are made from natural bamboo and rice husk, so they’re sure to match your bathroom decor!

They’re handmade, biodegradable, compostable, and even dishwasher safe! Use them to store your little one’s toothbrush and toothpaste or as a rinse cup for all that tooth brushing fun. 

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Baby & Toddler Care

Little gummy mouths need care, too! It’s important to care for your child’s teeth before they even come in.

From Natural Teething Gel to Baby Gum & Tooth Wipes that you can take with you wherever you and baby might go, these no-fuss products make oral health easy. 

Jack N’ Jill’s Natural Teething Gel helps fussy babies with growing pains. This homeopathic gel is made of chamomile for irritability, calendula for inflammation, and calcium for dentition, plus a mild vanilla flavor that tastes good for your little tot.

Our Jack N’ Jill Tooth Wipes are suitable from birth so that you can help prevent cavities without the use of preservatives, fluoride, or parabens! Oh, and they’re individually wrapped, making it easy for you to pull them out in the car, after daycare, or at a restaurant. Just give those gums a gentle wipe, and you’re all set! 

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Welcome the Tooth Fairy!

Once those healthy baby teeth fall out, celebrate the tradition of the tooth fairy with Jack N’ Jill’s Tooth Keeper. This adorable tooth keeper is made from organic cotton, ensuring your growing kid can use it again & again!

Wondering when it’s the right time to take your kids to the dentist? You should schedule an appointment long before your first visit from the tooth fairy! 

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children see a dentist around their first birthday. Getting a check-up from a young age not only gives the dentist a chance to look for early problems, but it also gets your child comfortable with oral care!